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Benefits of Having Car Covers

(Newswire.net — November 23, 2017) — Home owners protect their houses with durable paint. Cell phone users protect their phones with covers and screen protectors. Car owners should protect their vehicles with the best car covers to avoid possible theft, animals scratching the car and the dramatic effects of harsh weather conditions.

What are car covers?

The effects of harsh weather can be drastic on one’s vehicle. Rain and hail can break windows, destroy upholstery if someone forgot to close the windows and extreme heat can cause the vehicle’s paint to fade and chip. Car covers are meant to prevent this type of damage to your precious wheels. They are custom designed to fit your specific vehicle and ensure the cover does not blow away if it is too big. Just like different cars require different wheel sizes, the same applies to a car cover. There are different types of car covers for outdoor or indoor uses that are made from varying materials but we will get to that in a minute.

Follow the instructions

Once you have purchased the perfect car cover, you need to follow the instructions to ensure the product does what it was intended for. If you want to cover your vehicle with the car cover, put the cover on the car without hooking it on. Roll the cover out from the driver’s side all the way to the passenger’s side and then to the rear of the vehicle. Be careful not to move the cover too much as it will reduce the risk of scratching the car. Make sure you hook the cover properly and ensure it is secure. If you want to remove the car cover, do the same but in reverse.

Remember to clear the car cover every now and then as it may get covered in dust or snow. Pay special attention to the washing instructions of the cover as majority can be washed in a washing machine but does not allow the use of fabric softener. It is important to ensure the cover is fully dried before putting it into storage, otherwise the humidity may damage the cover.

Types of car covers

Waterproof car covers are made from a special plastic that keeps water out. Another benefit of this type of car cover is that it does not allow condensation to take place between the vehicle and the cover and rusting the paint by doing so. These covers are great if you need to store your car for the winter. Besides putting the car cover over your car, why not try putting some mothballs around your car on the ground to prevent rodents and insects from gaining access to your vehicle?

A second car cover type is the breathable cover that allows air circulation. These are great for short term usage, for example, if you park your vehicle outdoors during working hours. It is a very light material which is also water-resistant.

Another popular type of car cover is made from cotton or a cotton blend. Take note that they are not water resistant and should be used indoors.

Whatever your needs and the needs of your vehicle, it is a good decision to have a car cover custom made for your vehicle. This way you can rest assured that your vehicle is adequately protected.

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Scientists Re-Clone a Clone to See What Happens

(Newswire.net — November 23, 2017) — The concept of soul vs body is put to the test after scientists decide to re-clone a clone to see if a copy of a copy would suffer the same fate.

Following the idea to search for evidence whether genetically identical organisms would be identical in more ways than just molecular structure, an international group of scientists re-cloned Snuppy, the first dog clone.

Scientists from Seoul National University, Michigan State University and the University of Illinois published a paper on re-cloning. Their objective was to see if duplicating animals speeds up the aging process or causes unknown birth defects.

The original dog Tai, a male Afghan hound, received its duplicate named Snoopy in 2005, which became the world’s first dog clone.

The stunning revelation was that the clone suffered the same fate as the original. After living a healthy life on Seoul National University campus, Snoopy died of cancer, exactly as Tai did. However, Tai lived two years longer.

Since Snoopy lived 10 years before dying of the same cancer as Tai did at age 12, scientists were puzzled if the age shortage occurred due to the cloning. Normal life expectancy for Afghan hounds is 11.9 years.

When Snuppy was five, however, researchers again collected stem cells, this time from the clone, and used them to implant 94 embryos in all, resulting in the birth of four re-cloned puppies.

One puppy died four days after birth which is not uncommon amongst newborn pups; however, the puppy died of unexplained diarrhea. The other puppies were nearly a year old when the paper was written but the whole research has been published now when re-cloned dogs are 7 years old.

Interest in the viability of cloned pets which propelled this research has grown since Tai was duplicated in 2005. The research has so far shown little evidence that clones are in poorer health that the original. Cloning a clone is, however, uncharted territory and scientists hope it will reveal more on the life of clones.

Source: http://newswire.net/newsroom/news/00098767-scientists-re-clone-a-clone-to-see-what-happens.html

4 Effective Ways to Treat Alcohol Addiction

(Newswire.net — November 23, 2017) — Some people see alcohol as an escape route. It’s what they look forward to doing while at their office desk, starring at the pile of work, knowing that there’s relief waiting after the whole stress.

Usually at first, it seems harmless, something to finally get the stress off, make them tipsy and even fall asleep faster.

Then gradually, it moves from being normal to addictive. They can’t stop taking it, their body is accustomed to the taste and how it makes them feel and all they can think about is alcohol.

They start to drink too much and too often, so much so that they develop Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) – a situation where their drinking habit causes them harm or distress. It could be mild at first, then it gradually becomes severe.

Meanwhile, excessive alcohol intake has lots of side effects, some of which are damage to the liver, bloating, diarrhoea, etc.

What then are the effective ways through which alcohol addiction can be treated?

1. Alcohol counselling

You know it’s wrong and could end up taking your life, but you do it anyway.

Situations like this are when health professionals intervene. They listen to you, help in identifying and changing your behaviours that lead to heavy drinking.

2. Mutual support groups

There are support groups created to help alcohol addicts quit or cut back on the act.

These groups are created for them to share their stories with like-minds while they listen to the various ways each member survived their withdrawal.

The support group is usually combined with treatment from medical professionals, to give you a stronger layer of support.

3. Primary care physician

Before getting any kind of treatment, speak to a primary care doctor about your alcohol addiction so they can prescribe a good source of treatment and medications or even provide you with good referrals.

Don’t just take medications gotten off the internet because you’re desperate to get over the addiction. See a physician before everything else.

The physician will evaluate your drinking pattern and determine if it’s risky or not, draft a treatment plan for you and evaluate your health generally.

4. Medications

It’s usually a surprise to many that there are actually medications that help fight alcohol dependence. With prescriptions from a health professional, you can stop or even reduce your drinking without a relapse.

Most people try to quit alcohol all of a sudden and start developing withdrawal symptoms such as sweating, irritability, vomiting, headache, etc.

Three medications have proven effective for treating alcohol by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) – Naltrexone, Acamprosate and Disulfiram.

Not everyone will respond to medications – because not all bodies are set up the same way – but for a few, medications can be very effective in treating their alcohol addiction.

Get as much information as possible about different programs and checkout the kind of treatment they offer – maybe they provide lots of methods or rely on just one approach.

Check if the treatment is tailored to an individual or they just generalise, things that are expected of patients, if they document progress and how relapses are handled.

Choose any of the above you find the most effective for you in treating your addiction to alcohol. If you’re seeking professional help, be sure you’re opting for one that understands and respects your feelings.

Source: http://newswire.net/newsroom/blog-post/00098764-4-effective-ways-to-treat-alcohol-addiction.html

Kiss Me Organics Introduces Jasmine Dragon Pearls Tea

(Newswire.net — November 20, 2017) Cheyenne, WY — Kiss Me Organics is proud to announce the addition of a brand new tea to its inventory, Jasmine Dragon Pearls Tea. The product will be made available on Amazon, where a number of other Kiss Me Organics items are becoming increasingly popular, notably the company’s signature Matcha tea.

Jasmine Dragon Pearls Tea undergoes a lengthy preparation process. Before the manufacturing process begins, samples of green tea leaves are taken from organic tea farms across Asia in order for the company to find the purest possible leaves. The young green leaves are infused three times with fresh jasmine blossoms, creating a tea that’s sweet, heady and fragrant. The leaves are then rolled by hand into the ‘pearls’ that give the product its name. When infused in hot water, the pearls release a beautiful scent as they unfold and unravel themselves.

The tradition of the pearls began over 1300 years ago, when a Chinese emperor wanted to give an original gift of love. Today, Jasmine Dragon Pearls Tea is appreciated as much for its health benefits as it is for its delicious taste and fragrance.

Jasmine tea is highly recommended to promote relaxation and help reduce stress. It can also act as an antidepressant. Research shows that green tea also lowers overall cholesterol levels and raises the levels of HDL (high density lipoprotein, also known as the “good” cholesterol.) A number of studies suggest that green tea plays a positive role in helping to prevent a variety of cancers. Other positive effects include the promotion of alertness and mental awareness, and a boost in metabolism that encourages the body to burn more fat.

As with all of its other products, Kiss Me Organics offers a lifetime guarantee, and will provide an instant refund in the unlikely event that a customer is not 100% satisfied.

More information about Kiss Me Organics Jasmine Dragon Pearls Tea is available on Amazon.

Source: http://newswire.net/newsroom/pr/00098715-best-jasmine-dragon-pearls-tea.html

Divine Bounty Sale on Multivitamin for men Exceeds Expectations

(Newswire.net — November 23, 2017) Orlando, FL — Since it was first introduced in the market. Divine Bounty’s men’s multivitamin continues to gain increasing trust and interest among many consumers. This is due to the fact that it provides most everything that health-conscious consumers look for in a formula.

Divine Bounty’s sale on its multivitamin for men supplement exceeds expectations. There are many qualifications that a supplement should possess for it to be considered superior over other brands. This formula gains increasing popularity as it is highly potent and pure.

Its high potency is just one of the things that make it superior over other brands. What makes it even more beneficial is that it is pure and free from a variety of unwanted ingredients and contaminants, which include fillers, binders, additives, GMOs, and preservatives.

Further, it has a combination of potentially therapeutic vitamins, namely riboflavin, thiamin, vitamin B6, biotin, calcium, folate, vitamin B12, pantothenic acid, as well as vitamins A, C, D, E, and K. It even has phosphorous, iodine, magnesium, zinc, selenium, copper, manganese, chromium, and molybdenum.

All of these vitamins are widely studied by clinicians and researchers due to the powerful benefits they could potentially offer. It is important to understand that deficiency in any of these vitamins could lead to the onset of symptoms and even certain health conditions.

Taking Divine Bounty men’s multivitamins is believed to help ward off deficiency-linked conditions. What makes this formula even more beneficial is that it is carefully-crafted in a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) facility.

This means it is made in accordance with the high standards and strict guidelines of the U.S. FDA. This also means it is accurately labeled, and may be an ideal source of multivitamins for men.

Many men today are deficient in certain vitamins and they may not even know it. This multivitamin from Divine Bounty is thought to deliver the goodness of nutrients and help boost overall health.

The vitamins contained within this formula may also be ideal for individuals who are engaged in physical activities or athletes. These nutrients are considered to be energy and performance-enhancing substances.

Every capsule contains a combination of these amazing nutrients and is designed by nature to potentially enhance the reproductive, heart, brain, digestive, and immune systems.  It even has additional blends of herbs that are thought to be highly beneficial for the immune system, brain, and heart health.

It even contains a men’s blend and an amino acid and enzyme blend. Plus, it is even equipped with a complete customer satisfaction guarantee (www.amazon.com/Mens-Multivitamin-Containing-Multivitamins-Men/dp/B076MJBC7G)

About Divine Bounty

Divine Bounty is a family-owned brand that manufactures high-quality turmeric curcumin supplements. Passionate about the potential health benefits of turmeric, the team behind Divine Bounty have carefully researched and sourced only the best ingredients to create the ideal blend of turmeric curcumin. More details are available at http://www.DivineBounty.com.

Divine Bounty

12001 Research Parkway
Suite 236 A
Orlando, FL 32826
United States
(407) 545 7738
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Engineering and Design in ISB's Elementary School

(Newswire.net — November 22, 2017) Beijing, Shunyi District — 


At the International School of Beijing (ISB), design thinking, makerspaces, tinkering, and STEAM are important components of all school curricula and spaces. Design thinking and the process of making enhances student learning in numerous ways. Students consolidate their understanding of content with hands-on application, develop critical problem-solving skills, improve collaboration and management skills, and develop technical skills, including using hand tools, digital drawing, sewing, and coding.

 ISB is continuing the evolution of our elementary design curriculum, including our own ISB design process, as well as a scope and sequence of skills which aligns with our secondary school. In the past two years, we have adopted Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) which help spark design thinking through the process of engineering. We are also implementing Engineering is Elementary, to help develop a scope and sequence for engineering design. Ideally, we want to go beyond simply designing from the mindset of an engineer, and only through the lens of science, to understanding how the design process applies across all subject areas.

In many other schools, when design and engineering curricula are evident, they are usually only articulated in the secondary school. In many elementary schools, this important content area is often left to “open makerspace time” or sees individual teachers adding projects that incorporate the design process and materials in their individual classrooms. Often, elementary teachers integrate many great STEAM concepts in their classes, but the skills and processes of a robust design or engineering curriculum aren’t articulated across the grade levels like other curriculum strands. This is an area that can improve in many schools. Elementary-aged students love to learn through hands-on application and are keen to create; this can provide students an ability to develop technical skills and use the design process throughout their schooling.

While at ISB we are continuing to develop our design and engineering curriculum from Pre-K to Grade 12, we have already designed and equipped an incredible new Elementary Design Lab for teachers to use with their classes. This is a safe, well-resourced space, supplied with facilitators who help co-teach and embed more design thinking and technical skills into the curriculum. Our vision is to provide a space that allows students and teachers to explore the critical thinking and learning that is a natural outcome of the ISB design process.  

In developing our design and engineering programs at ISB, we are learning, adjusting, and fine-tuning as we go. We developed our ES Design Lab before we had a set elementary school design and engineering curriculum. The ES Design Lab has been purposefully designed to be flexible and open; allowing students the freedom to define its potential. We feel that providing a well-resourced space to showcase the thinking and creativity of our youngest designers will be just the sandbox necessary to develop the great thinkers, problem solvers, and makers of the future.

Julie Lemley is the Design Facilitator for International School of Beijing. Previous to working in Beijing, she taught MYP Design in Japan and Peru and has also worked as an EdTech Integrator. Follow Julie on Twitter at @JulieLemley



About International School of Beijing

International School of Beijing is an extraordinary school; made so by a tradition of educational excellence spanning more than 36 years. ISB enjoys a proven track record of excellent learning outcomes, with students attending colleges which are right for them. Our students’ potential is built around providing a balanced education which addresses their academic and, crucially, their social-emotional and physical wellbeing. The school offers a balanced learning environment where skilled and passionate teachers bring out the best in the students.

International School of Beijing

10 An Hua Street
Beijing, Shunyi District 101318
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Does Sterling Hinge on a Ransom Payment?

(Newswire.net — November 22, 2017) — Heading into the midweek session, the cable was trading at 1.3237 (Wednesday, 22 November 2017), up from 1.3157 five days earlier. The currency pair has been hovering around the 1.3167 level for several days, attempting to find new support at the 1.3200 level. Ahead of the Budget Speech by Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond on Wednesday, 22 November, the GBP gained ground. It raced to 1.326, before retreating somewhat. Several big-ticket issues are impacting the value of sterling, notably the government’s plans with respect to the housing dilemma.

As it stands, house prices have risen sharply since the 2008 global crisis, but new construction has slowed down. With 3% CPI (Consumer Price Index) inflation and declining real wages, new homeowners are finding it difficult to enter the market. As such, government is under pressure to provide relief. The November Budget is one of the most highly anticipated economic indicators of the year, as it determines monetary allocations the economy. If Philip Hammond satisfies sceptics across the board, the GBP will enjoy a relative honeymoon session despite the Brexit uncertainties. The initial impact of the Budget Speech will be coupled with prevailing economic conditions vis-à-vis Brexit stress factors, the strength of the USD, geopolitical uncertainty and the like.

FTSE 100 Index Inversely Matches the Performance of the GBP

For the year to date, the GBP has appreciated sharply against the USD. It began trading at 1.23, and rose 7.6%. This is remarkable under the current market conditions. The Brexit stress factors have raised import costs for the UK, while exporters have enjoyed significant gains. This is evident in the FTSE 100 index which is currently trading around 7,411.34, up from 7,177.90 in January.

The UK all-share index will likely close out 2017 with strong gains, given that a weaker GBP boosts the domestic earnings of UK companies on this index. Recall that some 70% of listed companies on the FTSE 100 index derive their earnings in foreign currency abroad, meaning that when those funds are repatriated, they are worth significantly more in the UK. It is notable that a stabilization of the GBP is coupled with a weakening of the FTSE 100 index.

Is the future of British FinTech at Stake?

Whether the GBP appreciates relative to other currencies or not, there is an even greater concern about Brexit proceedings. To date, many major corporations and regulatory authorities are leaving the City of London, in favor of European capitals like Paris. This exodus will cost the UK hundreds of millions of dollars every year, especially if replacement investments and capital inflows do not take place. Currently, the UK operates on the cutting edge of FinTech innovation.

Many of the leading cryptocurrency companies have established operations in the UK, and their future is now also in doubt. International investments in digital currency startups have soared in 2017, with Bitcoin rising over $8,000 per unit as the world adopts blockchain technology en masse. This prompts the following questions: Is the UK market equipped to deal with cutting-edge technology when a crippling Brexit is snapping at its heels? And what is an ICO? These are important questions that UK regulators, politicians, and economists will be grappling with as they seek to hammer out an efficacious Brexit deal.

UK Government Prepared to Cough up £40 Billion to Divorce EU

Another factor which is likely to impact the value of sterling is the government’s determination to pay a hefty divorce settlement to the European Union. In Prime Minister Theresa May’s cabinet, various high-ranking Brexit supporters are fully prepared to offer the European Union more money for fast-tracking a trade deal with the United Kingdom. Several leading conservative MPs including Michael Gove and Boris Johnson have agreed to back up Prime Minister Theresa May in offering this settlement.

However, a handful of conservatives including Nigel Evans have protested the government’s decision. Evans labelled it the equivalent of a Ransom Payment. Recall that according to the terms of the Lisbon Treaty, the UK has 2 years to finalize its extrication from the European Union. If the UK fails to do that, and no consensus is reached about an extension, the divorce process will be finalized with the status quo in effect. In other words: the UK needs a blueprint for Brexit to safeguard its interest on the continent.

Leading currency trading experts, Winston McAuliffe of Olsson Capital believes that the settlement figure is an essential component of propelling Brexit talks forward: ‘The European Union is unlikely to let the UK off scot-free. They require a financial commitment from the UK to be released from major future investments and undertakings with European countries. These include construction projects, humanitarian projects, military programs, pension schemes, infrastructure development and so forth. That a figure of £40 billion has been suggested indicates the seriousness with which Britain takes its commitments to European countries. The EU will certainly welcome this offering, and it will most likely open the doors to trade talks. We can expect the GBP to stabilize with EU affability.’

Source: http://newswire.net/newsroom/blog-post/00098752-does-sterling-hinge-on-a-ransom-payment.html

Divine Bounty Launches Men's Multivitamin Supplement on Amazon

(Newswire.net — November 22, 2017) Orlando, FL — An increasing number of men are beginning to be health-conscious and take multivitamins. There are many formulas available in the market today, and one that many consumers are waiting for comes from Divine Bounty.

Divine Bounty has launched its men’s multivitamin supplement on Amazon.com. This formula is carefully-crafted to provide consumers with the most helpful and reliable source of many vitamins.

Divine Bounty understands the importance of vitamins for human health and survival. Finding that many multivitamins in the market have low potency and aren’t loaded with natural ingredients, this reputable manufacturer is now providing a multivitamin solution to consumers.

This amazing formula is specifically formulated to provide the male population with all the nutrients they need to stay healthy and functional. It is equipped with the vitamins and other nutrients that many health experts highly recommend to men.

Divine Bounty’s men’s multivitamins may be useful for those who fail to consume nutritious foods on a daily basis. They may also be an excellent choice for those who can’t obtain vitamins even if they are already consuming fruits and vegetables.

It is important to understand that today, there is a declining nutrient density in foods. This is why using multivitamins may be extremely helpful to nourish the body with essential nutrients.

This formula is loaded with health-based nutrients. All of these nutrients are combined in every single pill of this formula.

According to Divine Bounty, this formula promotes optimum performance and energy as well as supports brain and heart health. It may also help boost immune system health. What makes it even more beneficial is that it may potentially increase antioxidant capabilities and even strengthen the heart

This formula contains riboflavin, folate, vitamin B12, thiamin, vitamin B6, biotin, calcium, pantothenic acid, as well as vitamins A, C, D, E and K. It even has phosphorous, iodine, magnesium, zinc, selenium, copper, manganese, chromium and molybdenum.

These nutrients are widely studied by experts, and are highly recommended for human health. Each of these vitamins is linked with a myriad of health benefits, and this makes this formula even more potentially beneficial.

Divine Bounty’s men’s multivitamin supplement is even protected with a customer satisfaction guarantee. This provides consumers with the opportunity to receive a refund should they not feel completely satisfied with their purchase.

This formula provides everything that consumers look for when it comes to men’s multivitamins. It can be purchased in just a matter of clicks online at Amazon.com.


About Divine Bounty

Divine Bounty is a family-owned brand that manufactures high-quality turmeric curcumin supplements. Passionate about the potential health benefits of turmeric, the team behind Divine Bounty have carefully researched and sourced only the best ingredients to create the ideal blend of turmeric curcumin. More details are available at http://www.DivineBounty.com.

Divine Bounty

12001 Research Parkway
Suite 236 A
Orlando, FL 32826
United States
(407) 545 7738
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$13 Trillion and Counting: Where to Next for US Household Debt

(Newswire.net — November 21, 2017) — US household debt appears to be moving in tandem with the performance of stock markets. As the Dow Jones Industrial Average, the NASDAQ Composite Index, and the S&P 500 index continue reaching into the stratosphere, household debt has now topped $13 trillion. According to data released from the New York Federal Reserve Bank on Tuesday, 14 November 2017, household debt in the US is at its highest level ever. The $13 trillion figure is some $280 billion above the high posted at the time of the global financial crisis (Q3 2008), and over 16% higher than the nadir in Q2 2013. By far, the largest component of US household debt is mortgages, comprising 66.92%, or $8.7 trillion.

Delinquency rates are a source of concern

Fortunately, there have been improvements in mortgage delinquency rates, with just 1.4% of mortgages now reported as delinquent – 90+ days overdue. In terms of student loan debt, delinquencies are significantly higher at 11.2%. The overall level of student loan debt in the US is now $1.4 trillion, and growing fast. Another deeply distressing area is automobile loans. The current level of automobile loans is on par with student loan debt, at $1.2 trillion, up $24 billion and firmly trending higher over the past 6 years. Delinquency rates in automobile debt are just 4%. In terms of credit card balances, a $24 billion uptick was reported, and some 4% of US credit card holders are now delinquent in their repayments.

Dealing with credit card debt via debt consolidation options

One of the problems with rising credit card debt is that it is revolving debt. In other words, any repayments that are made will naturally be subject to additional interest charges, and given the high APR’s, credit card debt is considered bad debt. Presently, credit card debt APR (annual percentage rate) figures are in the region of 22% – 30% are common. Credit experts recommend that individuals work hard to pay down credit card debt as quickly as possible, since it eats into disposable income levels, and erodes savings.

One way to do so is a debt consolidation loan. These lines of credit can be offered through online lenders, or bank lenders. They are typically unsecured loans, but it is possible to apply for a secured loan (using collateral) for a debt consolidation loan. The interest rates and associated fees for debt consolidation loans are less than the APR on credit cards. The money savings generated can go towards repaying the principal, retirement accounts, and savings.

Now, financial analysts are cautioning that a large number of new car loans are in the subprime market. This means that people are financing car loans at higher rates, with some 20% of all loans originating in this market. Banks and credit unions offer the best rates for car loans, but car loan companies dominate this market with an estimated $200 billion in loans and 70% of market share.

It’s interesting to point out that new loan originations have increased for 26 quarters on the trot. This has contributed to the dramatic increase in household debt. On a plus note, delinquency rates with car loans have improved to just 4.4%, but automobile loans from bank lenders are now at a 9.7% delinquency rate. This is deeply concerning. People with poor credit (less than 660) now account for $435 billion worth of automobile loans. This is yet another reason why we are seeing a sharp rise in debt consolidation loans.

Source: http://newswire.net/newsroom/blog-post/00098738-13-trillion-and-counting-where-to-next-for-us-household-debt.html

Why Instagram Is a Foodie's Best Friend

(Newswire.net — November 21, 2017) — They say that a picture speaks a thousand words, but how can it tell you where to go to find your favorite food? It actually can. It can tell you where to go, what’s happening and what to buy!

Say you’re in love with the tasty treats served by a certain food truck. You love their tacos. They make the yummiest tacos in the world. They taste so good you have dreams about cilantro. The thing about food trucks is, they tend to stay in one place for a while, and then all of a sudden, they are gone. You arrive at the parking lot where they were parked a week ago, cash in hand, ready to exchange your money for a plate of delicious goodness, but the food truck isn’t even there!

What are you supposed to do when this happens? You love their food. You want it badly, but you can’t find it. Well, there is a way… by checking Instagram!

Direct to Consumer Marketing

You may not be able to find your beloved food truck when you’re simply equipped with intuition, but you better believe that you’ll be able to find it online. That’s because today’s advertising is dominated by social media. Mobile businesses often use Instagram to inform users where they are and what they’re doing so followers are always kept in the loop.

But let’s get back to the food truck that specializes in yummy tacos. Maybe they found a new parking lot. How would you find them? You would simply go onto Instagram and follow them. They would post a photo of their location – and maybe a fabulous picture of their authentic tacos – and then you’ll find out exactly where to go in order to get your fix.

Food trucks often do this, as do chefs working in restaurants. And then there are also pop-up markets. Oftentimes, organizers get a group together and post s picture with the date and location to their Instagram account. They then show up with the goods; and followers show up with their wallets. Now that’s direct to consumer marketing!

Geo-Targeting Locals

But it’s not just images that helps people find good food. Instagram’s algorithm can also play a massive part helping consumers navigate the local market. This is why hashtags are so important. In fact, geo-targeting is one of the most overstated elements of modern marketing.

There’s a reason why local restaurants show up in the search results when you type in a food-specific keyword. It’s because the restaurant or food truck has hash-tagged their profile with a local keyword and/or type of food. So if you (the consumer) are looking for a new restaurant, you can simply type in your city and see if there’s a place nearby that sells the type of food you want. You can then use pictures to see inside the restaurant, assess the dishes, and decide if it’s what you are looking for.

The Modern Storefront

Instagram is the modern restaurant’s storefront. And like any storefront, it needs to look the part. A big part of this is having an active following. Many restaurants and chefs buy Instagram likes to get a head start – after all, Instagram is a big popularity contest. The algorithm will then reward those who are the most active, receive the greatest level of engagement, and contribute to their community. And generally speaking, the best food will make people talk. Therefore, as a general rule of thumb, the best restaurants will be those that not only make great food, but are the most active online.

Fundamentally, Instagram is a place where every chef can have a voice and opportunity to market directly to customers; it’s a place where customers can find exactly what they’re looking for and how to find it. So if you’re a foodie looking for some quality eats, best sign up for an account. Who knows what tasty delights are coming your way!

Source: http://newswire.net/newsroom/blog-post/00098732-why-instagram-is-a-foodie-s-best-friend.html