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Caleb Laeski Continues Victim Advocacy Work

(Newswire.net — November 17, 2017) — At an early age, activist Caleb Laeski was spurred into action on behalf of student rights and protections. Today, the noted human rights advocate has become recognized for his achievements in anti-bullying and anti-discrimination causes on the local, state, and Federal levels. When he was a high school student in his hometown of Phoenix, Arizona, the young man was bullied and threatened by classmates for his sexual orientation. This served as a clarion call to stand up for his own rights and the rights of other students living in fear. At 16, Caleb began his anti-bullying efforts, first in the state of Arizona and later on the national stage when he took his concerns to the U.S. Congress in Washington, D.C. “All I wanted for myself and for others facing harassment was to feel safe,” says Caleb. “I believed that if I could represent young people who were living in fear, I could make a difference in people’s lives.” Some of his advocacy work led him to be recognized by the Center for Civil and Human Rights gallery in Atlanta, Georgia. To learn more about this recognition, visit https://newswire.net/newsroom/pr/00094081-caleb-laieski-launches-initiative-increase-volunteerism.html.

After traveling to Washington, D.C. and meeting with Congressional leaders and staffers, Caleb received an invitation to the White House. He was invited to be personally thanked by President Barack Obama and Vice President Joseph Biden for his efforts at spreading awareness of bullying and discrimination issues in the nation’s schools. When he returned from his whirlwind trip to the nation’s Capital, newly elected Mayor of Phoenix Greg Stanton appointed Caleb to his city team. Caleb took on the role of Youth and Diversity Liaison for the City of Phoenix, Arizona, a position that took him by surprise. “Even though I was only 17 at the time, I felt that my efforts were already making a difference,” says Caleb. “Working with the City of Phoenix leaders and the Mayor allowed me to make positive changes to the community in which we lived and worked.”

Since that time, Caleb Laeski has been involved in wide range of advocacy efforts, not only for human rights and anti-discrimination initiatives, but also for environmental concerns. His experiences in working with diverse groups led him to build a groundswell of support for stopping further oil drilling and resource exploitation in the environmentally-sensitive Arctic region. See more information about his environmental work by visiting https://newswire.net/newsroom/pr/00091639-caleb-laieski-petitions-stop-arctic-drilling.html. When he is not lending his support to human rights issues, he can be found completing his studies at college, where he is focusing on a degree in Law Enforcement. After graduation, he hopes to work closely with his community as a police officer or detective, which will allow him to further make positive differences in people’s lives.

For More Information:

Social media profile: https://medium.com/caleb-laieski-prominent-lgbt-advocate-alexandria

Article: https://www.lgbtqnation.com/2011/08/bullied-gay-teen-meets-with-president-obama-proposes-lgbt-youth-advisor/

About Caleb Laieski

Activist Caleb Laieski has earned national recognition for championing LGBT causes and for working tirelessly to develop support for anti-bullying and non-discrimination protections for students throughout the country. Caleb has had the opportunity to meet with the President of the United States and with hundreds of legislators on both state and Federal levels to build awareness for the Federal Student Non-Discrimination Act. By sharing his own personal experiences, he has helped empower people across the country to tell their stories in support of individual rights.

Source: http://newswire.net/newsroom/pr/00098695-caleb-laieski-continues-victim-advocacy-work.html

Michael Sherfick on Motorcycle Tie Down Safety

(Newswire.net — November 6, 2017) Carmel, IN — Motorcycle riders know that nothing beats the open road. Carving canyons and touring by motorcycle are some of riders’ favorite activities, while many other motorcyclists use their bikes for daily transportation. There comes a time in any rider’s life when the motorcycle must be transported in a truck or on a trailer, however, and this requires a careful approach for safety. Michael Sherfick, co-inventor of The Easy Strap tiedown system, understands that many riders struggle when it comes to safely securing their bikes. “When trailering a motorcycle, there are several key elements to address to ensure the safety of the bike and fellow motorists,” says Michael, an avid motorcycle rider himself. “Adequate and redundant strapping can spell the difference between a safe cycle transport and a roadside catastrophe.” To learn more about the patented tiedown product he co-invented, visit http://shop.theeasystrap.com/Ratchet-Straps_c4.htm.

The first step in securing a motorcycle for transport is choosing the right strapping system. Riders can choose from cam buckle straps, which rely on friction to hold items securely, or ratchet straps, which use a ratcheting lever to progressively tighten the strap against the load. Compressing the motorcycle’s suspension components during the tiedown process can help reduce the chance of straps loosening or failing unexpectedly.

The next step is to select attachment points on the motorcycle and the truck or trailer. Most experts agree that the bike’s frame is a better choice for attaching straps than a bolted-on accessory presents. The same goes for truck beds or trailers; most trucks are equipped with tiedown anchors, while trailers often have welded rails that make securing loads safe and easy. “Most motorcycles can be tied down with two straps up front and two in back, forming an X shape in the truck bed or trailer,” says Michael. “For extra security, the bike can be strapped on the sides as well to minimize swaying and shifting.” With these simple steps, motorcyclists can ensure their investments are secure when the need for truck transport comes up.

Michael Sherfick is one of the masterminds behind The Easy Strap, a patented tiedown system that is in use in commercial and industrial applications the world over. Parent company Fast Track Technologies, LLC, holds several patents, including the soft loop technology that helps the company’s straps stand out from competitors. The company also licenses its patented tiedown system to other manufacturers, and is considered an industry leader in safe tiedown systems for commercial applications. When not cruising the highways aboard his own motorcycle, Michael can be found launching business ventures and leading a prominent laboratory testing equipment manufacturing company in the greater Indianapolis area of Indiana. For more information on Michael and his career, visit https://medium.com/@michaelsherfick/delve-into-the-life-of-mike-sherfick-72aee05645f7.

About Michael Sherfick

Inventor, product developer, and filmmaking executive Michael Sherfick is the co-founder of The Easy Strap, a patented industrial tiedown system. Michael has been involved in many aspects of business throughout his career, launching commercial ventures and spearheading corporate growth. He has also been instrumental in revitalizing the downtown core of Indianapolis, Indiana with ambitious real estate projects. Mr. Sherfick lives and works in Carmel, Indiana, where he currently serves as the CEO of a laboratory analysis equipment manufacturing firm.

Michael Sherfick

484 E. Carmel Drive, Suite 375
Carmel, IN 46032
United States
(317) 229-6080
Source: http://newswire.net/newsroom/pr/00098494-michael-sherfick-on-motorcycle-tie-down-safety.html

Jeremy Louder on Defending Against Stock Market Risks

(Newswire.net — October 19, 2017) Dallas, Texas — Around the world, individuals, corporations, and governments choose investments to create financial assets for later use. With any investment strategy comes risks; investors have the potential to lose all or a portion of the finances they invest, regardless of the type of investment. Jeremy Louder, a financial services professional and Managing Member of Monarch Vision Advisors, LLC, knows that smart investors seek ways of minimizing risks to protect against the loss of their hard-earned money. “Investing in the stock market is never risk-free,” says Jeremy. “There are many strategies available to invest safely and to protect portfolios from unwanted losses.” To learn more about Jeremy’s work in in the financial industry, visit https://www.crunchbase.com/person/jeremy-louder

Of the common portfolio protection strategies, the time-honored leader is diversification. A diversified investment portfolio is one that contains assets from many different areas, such as stocks and bonds, real estate, mutual funds, and treasury bills, to name only a few of the many choices available for investors. Diversification can work, even in market downturn conditions, because financial assets are spread over more than one asset class. An added benefit of diversifying investments is that they tend to outperform more concentrated portfolios. “Preserving capital should be the goal of the long-term investor,” adds Jeremy. “Diversification is so popular because it works over the long haul, regardless of what individual markets are doing.”

A related strategy to diversification is the concept of non-correlating assets. These assets include asset classes like real estate, commodities, and currencies. Investing in these assets in addition to stocks often results in reduced risk and volatility, as non-correlating assets react differently to market conditions than stocks do. The result is a balanced, stable return with fewer highs and lows from more volatile markets. Again, these asset classes spread wealth around, reducing losses that result from failing markets or economic downturns.

Dividends are a commonly-overlooked but valuable way to protect one’s investment portfolio. Investment in stocks that pay dividends is a strategy that often delivers returns outpacing other investment methods. “Dividends often account for part or all of a stock’s total return,” says Jeremy Louder, who has guided clients through smart investment choices for over two decades. “Dividends serve as a cushion in declining markets and are ideal for risk-averse investors.” An added bonus of investing in dividend-paying stocks is that the companies paying the dividends tend to grow earnings substantially faster than those that don’t. Fast growth is related to higher share prices and higher capital gains, which are both good news for the discerning investor. For more information on Jeremy and his financial services experience, visit https://www.houzz.com/pro/jeremylouder23/jeremy-louder-consulting-inc


About Jeremy Louder

As a financial services consultant for over two decades, business professional Jeremy Louder has earned the respect of his peers in the industry. He has worked with corporate and individual clients on a wide range of investment strategies, helping his clients build wealth while protecting assets. He has many years of experience in real estate investments as well as financial services. He lives and works in the greater Dallas/Fort Worth metro area of Texas.

Jeremy Louder

5600 Tennyson Parkway
Dallas, Texas 75024
United States
(214) 780-0100
Source: http://newswire.net/newsroom/pr/00098311-jeremy-louder-defending-against-stock-market-risks.html

Franchising in UK and Ireland Equals Big Opportunity

(Newswire.net — November 15, 2017) Sydney, NEW SOUTH WALES — 

After the market downturn of the 2007-2008 global financial crisis (GFC), which lasted several years, the economy in the UK and Ireland has seen a progressive and steady turnaround. And this has led to strong growth in the franchising sector within these two countries.

Big Business Opportunity

Both the U.K. and Ireland have strong, steady economies that have experienced continued positive growth over the last 10 years. In terms of the respected Ease of Doing Business rankings by The World Bank, these countries rank highly, with the U.K. ranked in seventh place and Ireland not too far behind in 13th place. A high Ease of Doing Business ranking means a particular country’s regulatory environment is more conducive to opening a business.

The potential for growth in these countries is significant. With the U.K. population sitting at over 65.5 million, it is the fifth-largest national economy in the world. Ireland, with a population of over 4.7 million, in ranked as one of the wealthiest countries in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

Markets are on the Increase

Now one decade on from the GFC, franchising experts have some positive statistics for the franchising sector within the UK and Ireland. According to experts, there are over 900 franchise brands in the UK, contributing an estimated US$20 billion to the UK economy. With over 44,000 franchisee units, employing a total of 621,000 people, the failure rates of franchisee units are very low, sitting at only 0.2 percent.

While Ireland was hit heavily during the GFC, the Irish Franchise Association reports a significant increase in franchising activities, including increased interest from international franchisors, increased levels of investment and confidence and increased sales.

Tried and Tested Franchising Markets

According to franchising expert, Derek Cafferata, CEO and President of All State Franchise Finders, the UK and Ireland are very popular for successful U.S.-based businesses looking to take their brand globally.

“These markets are ripe with entrepreneurs who are keen to be business owners but aren’t interested in outlaying capital on a brand new business concept,” says Derek Cafferata. “The idea of stepping into business for yourself, without being by yourself, is a big drawcard for many.”

All State Franchise Finders the Franchising Experts

All State Franchise Finders have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the franchising industry, both across the United States and around the globe.

For those entrepreneurs or business owners looking to expand their brand globally, contact All State Franchise Finders on 1-800-544-2161 or visit allstateff.com today. All State Franchise Finders are your franchising experts. 

About NWV News

NWV News covers business and current affairs stories from our office in Sydney, Australia. The News Leader.

NWV News

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Northwest Elements Releases Bottle Opener on Amazon

(Newswire.net — November 14, 2017) Coeur d’Alene, Idaho — Northwest Elements has released a stainless steel bottle opener with a magnetic cap catcher on Amazon. The bottle opener was launched under one of Northwest Element’s brands known as Bartender’s Friend. It joins other products from Northwest Elements such as their space saver bags.

Northwest Elements is a brand that started in 2016, but has developed a great deal. The brand currently boasts of various products on offer. Apart from the bartender bottle opener, Northwest Elements also sells space saver bags on Amazon. The Bartender’s Friend steel bottle opener is at the moment listed on Amazon at $34.00.

A bottle opener is one of the essential tools of a bar or pub. Also, glass bottle openers are important in homes especially to individuals who receive a great number of guests or those who love to host parties. Northwest Elements decision to release a new wall mounted bottle opener, offers clients a variety to select from as there are several brands and types of bottle openers on the market.

The Bartender’s Friend steel bottle opener is made from hardwood and 100% zinc alloy. Also, it has a magnetic cap catcher that holds the metal caps that are opened using the soda bottle opener. The bartender tool for opening metal bottle caps comes with 3 different mounting options. These include with the use of adhesive, magnet or screws. In addition to these features, Northwest Elements provides buyers of the bottle opener kit a 2 year replacement warranty.

After Northwest Elements released its wall bottle opener, the product has already received a 4.5 star rating on Amazon. This is from the various positive reviews from the first buyers of the Bartender’s Friend beer bottle opener.

MDB, a five star Amazon customer, said, “I have wanted a bottle opener like this for a while, but didn’t want to hang it on the wall. I decided to try this because you have the option of putting it on the fridge with magnets. I was a bit skeptical, but the magnet on the fridge is strong enough to pull the caps off the bottle without falling off the fridge. This works fantastic and the magnetic on the front to catch the bottle caps is a great additional feature. This does come with the hardware to put on the wall, so you have that option as well. The wood finish is very nice and it looks great and works like a charm. I highly recommend it.”

“We work around the clock to bring our customers the best,” said one of the Northwest Elements Directors. “Customers come before anything in business. The bartender bottle opener that we’ve just released is a good example of attention to detail that we put on our products. This bottle opener has an excellent finish and it is sturdily made. It has all the features that a bar or home may need from a quality stainless steel bottle opener. We will continue giving our customers the best and ensure that they are satisfied.”

The Bartender’s Friend bottle opener offers three different mounting options to its user. The magnet cap catcher holds the metal bottle caps and prevents them from scattering on the floor. It can be used to remove metal lids on beer, soda, glass and beverages with a metal cap.

About Northwest Elements

Northwest Elements is a family owned business based out of the Pacific Northwest region. The brand sells a wide range of products in stock fulfilled by Amazon including bottle openers and vacuum storage bags.

Northwest Elements

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Source: http://newswire.net/newsroom/pr/00098618-magnetic-wall-mounted-bottle-opener.html

Ultimate Kitchen Presents a Versatile Fillet Knife

(Newswire.net — November 13, 2017) Coeur d’Alene, Idaho — Ultimate Kitchen is a company that is well known for its kitchen appliances and accessories. Their product line includes kitchen sink faucets, soap dispensers, coffee presses, silicone baking mats and kitchen knives among other things.

Partnering with one of the biggest online shopping platforms, Amazon, the brand sells their wares to customers all over the world. This provides not only the possibility to use one of the biggest shopping platforms in the world but also helps customers to receive quality shipping. Customers can also save time and money using Amazon Prime to receive their purchases in two days.

One of the main directions of Ultimate Kitchen is designing and producing kitchen knives. They make a range of models including professional knives for chefs, knives for home kitchens and for outdoor activities. They also produce and sell knives in sets.

This particular model is a seven-inch knife with a blade made of heat tempered steel. The blade is easy to sharpen and will remain sharp while out in the field. It has a gut spoon to clean fish without the unnecessary mess. The handle is made of nylon which provides a good grip in wet environments. That is especially important for gutting and cleaning fish outdoors.

Additionally, this model includes a sheath which is designed to safely secure the knife on a belt to keep it close at hand. Ultimate Kitchen also provides a free e-book with tips on how to use the knife more efficiently and safely. It also provides a range of fish recipes.

This fish fillet knife became popular on Amazon and already received good reviews. “Great to have in a tackle box!! It’s fishing season and this has been very useful!! I was unsure how sharp it would be since I’m buying online but wow I was amazed this had no issue. Having the gut spoon in the end is great no need to keep track of two items. Love that it had a case to protect it and also protect little hands going through the tackle box. I received this product for free or at a discount in exchange for my honest opinion,” said five-star Amazon user.

Ultimate Kitchen provides a 5-year replacement warranty on their knives. If something would go wrong or a client is not satisfied with a quality of the fillet knife set, the customer can contact Ultimate Kitchen and receive a replacement in two days.

“We are always thinking about the high quality and functionality of our products. When designing this fillet knife we wanted to create a knife that will be equally useful both in the kitchen and outdoors. We also wanted to create a knife that will be sufficient to prepare a fish. It’s not very comfortable when you need to switch between several tools in the process, especially when you are camping or going fishing. When the weight and space is an issue it is always better to have a good and versatile instrument,” said Cassie Clark, Director of Operations for Ultimate Kitchen.

Customers can find more details on this fillet knife with a gut spoon either on the Ultimate Kitchen’s website or on Amazon.

About Ultimate Kitchen

Ultimate Kitchen branded products are a part of the Ultimate Home collection of high quality kitchen products ranging from sink soap dispensers, kitchen faucets, chef knives, and food vacuum sealers. Ultimate Kitchen products are available at Amazon.com and Walmart.com

Ultimate Kitchen

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Source: http://newswire.net/newsroom/pr/00098606-fishing-fillet-knife.html

Northwest Elements Launches Space Saver Bags on Amazon

(Newswire.net — November 14, 2017) Coeur d’Alene, Idaho — Northwest has announced the launch of its new 80 X 100 space saver vacuum bags on Amazon. The brand started selling its products on Amazon in 2016 and it is a fulfillment by Amazon seller.

One of the Directors at Northwest Elements, said, “We create strategies that ensure we deliver the best products to our clients. The products that we sell meet the demands of customers and come at very favorable prices. This is the case with the new vacuum storage bags that we are introducing. They measure 80 X 100 inches which is large enough to keep various home clothes and beddings. This is just one of the various products that we offer. Being an FBA seller, we ensure that we select the products wisely from the Amazon fulfillment center and package them as customers would like to receive them. The large space saver bags that we are launching are ideal for travelers, homeowners and sports or fitness individual who frequent the gym.”

The brand which began its operation on Amazon USA marketplace in 2016 has various products on display. This includes the small space saver vacuum bags and space saver large bags. Amazon is an online platform with a huge customer base from all over the world. With online visitors from around the world, the Northwest Element clothes storage bags have a wide access to a pool of clients.

Travel space saver bags can help the user to save space in their suitcase, backpack or closet. This is because it is compressed to get rid of the air in the bag and fit in double or thrice the clothes a bag can hold. Furthermore, the space saver bags set can keep both clean and dirty clothes in the same bag. The space saver bags jumbo can hold blankets and beddings. Space saver garment bags allow users to save space and pack more clothes as possible.

The Northwest Element space saver travel bags come in a set of 5 storage bags. It is accompanied by a free travel pump used to drive out the air in the bag so that the clothes can be fit in a limited space. They are flattened out and provide more storage space than the usual one. The storage bags are also made of leak free material that prevents the clothes from getting in contact with water or bugs. The user can keep his or her clothes for a long period of time. No dust or insects can mess with the clothes kept inside the space saver vacuum bags. The storage bags space saver measure 80 X 100 inches. These can keeps lots of cloths or beddings. On purchase of space bags, the manufacturer provides them with a lifetime replacement warranty.

Northwest Elements has announced the launch of its new 80 X 100 space saver bags large which can be used by travelers, homeowners or athletes to keep both clean and dirty clothes in the same closet or suitcase. It also enables users to save space and store more clothes.

About Northwest Elements

Northwest Elements is a family owned business based out of the Pacific Northwest region. The brand sells a wide range of products in stock fulfilled by Amazon including bottle openers and vacuum storage bags.

Northwest Elements

3846 Miners Loop
Coeur d’Alene, Idaho 83815
United States
Source: http://newswire.net/newsroom/pr/00098619-space-saver-vacuum-bags.html

Ultimate Kitchen Launches New Vacuum Sealer Bags

(Newswire.net — November 13, 2017) Coeur d’Alene, Idaho — Ultimate Kitchen, a kitchen accessories producer, continues expanding their line of vacuum sealers and accessories.

The company sells their products exclusively on Amazon. This gives the company the ability to deliver their products to a wide range of customers worldwide safely and quickly.

Ultimate Kitchen shows their concern about the growing numbers of food waste. The company makes its contribution to solving this huge problem by creating vacuum food storage accessories. Their products help customers to keep foods fresh longer and to use everything they buy.

The vacuum sealer bags are designed for those who don’t shop very often and want to prolong food lifespans. It can also be used for cooking food in advanced. The vacuum storage accessories help to save food, time, and money. The variety of such products provides a lot of storage possibilities.

Ultimate Kitchen launched a new vacuum storage product, a set of 50 vacuum sealer bags, size 11″ x 15 3/4″. Vacuum sealer bags are essential for vacuum sealers. These Ultimate Kitchen bags are universal as they can be used with all clamp vacuum sealers for food. This bags set has been rated five out of five stars on Amazon.

“These bags are nice and thick, awesome quality! They have held up very well in my freezer, both with solid foods like chicken, as well as with some liquid like beans. I like the texture in the bags, it feels like it helps get a better seal. They work perfectly with the vacuum sealer machine I purchased them for, and I appreciate that they come in a variety of sizes. Will definitely not hesitate to purchase more!” said Ashley R.

It is very important to use safe products for food packaging. Ultimate Kitchen vacuum sealer bags are BPA-free. These bags are also created with a durable multi-ply design. The important feature of Ultimate Kitchen vacuum sealer bags is keeping food not only fresh but also protected. Food storage is a bacteria impressionable process. That is why it is important to choose safe ways of storing food. The multi-ply design of these bags protects food from bacteria and external moisture.

“The bags work pretty well so far. Loved the price and I’m surprised that they are quality, thick bags. No leaks. Will order more when I run out,” said a verified Amazon purchaser.

The size of these vacuum bags was developed especially for a family meal. Ultimate Kitchen also has other sizes of vacuum sealer bags that could be used for other purposes. There is also frequently bought together offer that includes three sets of Ultimate Kitchen vacuum sealer bags and costs $66.97. Additional information is available on the Ultimate Kitchen’s website and on the product’s Amazon page.

About Kitchen Classics

Ultimate Kitchen branded products are a part of the Ultimate Home collection of high quality kitchen products ranging from sink soap dispensers, kitchen faucets, chef knives, and food vacuum sealers. Ultimate Kitchen products are available at Amazon.com and Walmart.com

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Jacksonville Smile Center on Composite Resin Restorations

(Newswire.net — November 14, 2017) Jacksonville, FL — The tooth filling has been a part of the dental practitioner’s arsenal of treatments for many years. Advances in filling materials and properties have given dentists increased flexibility in treating conditions like cavities and tooth cracks. One of the leading advances is the composite resin restoration, commonly referred to as “white fillings” or “tooth-colored fillings”. Jacksonville Smile Center, a leading family dental practice in Jacksonville Beach, Florida, embraces this technological advancement in treating their many patients. “Composite resin fillings offer more precision and lifespan than traditional amalgam or silver fillings,” says a spokesperson for the Florida dental practice. “It is a great alternative compared to other filling materials and is safer for the patient.” To learn more about restorative and cosmetic dental treatments available at the dental clinic in Jacksonville, visit http://www.jacksonvillesmilecenter.com/services.html.

Composite or “white” fillings are made from a blend of plastic resins and glass. They can be used to restore decayed teeth or to reshape damaged or disfigured tooth surfaces. Typically, the material is applied in thin layers, with each layer cured using a specialized light source to promote bonding. There are many benefits to this revolutionary filling material; white fillings are bonded to the tooth surface, providing an excellent seal and allowing the dentist to be more conservative when removing decay. This filling material is designed to be placed into smaller cavities, offering increased flexibility in difficult treatment cases. The material can also be blended with the existing tooth structure and coloration, making the repaired area nearly invisible. This is ideal for cosmetic dental procedures, especially on front teeth where traditional fillings may be visible to others. When placed correctly, tooth-colored fillings last for ten to 15 years in most dental cases. And, unlike traditional silver fillings, white fillings can often be repaired without requiring the removal of the entire filling, which saves time and money while reducing discomfort for the patient.

For over ten years, Jacksonville Smile Center has provided its patients with a full range of restorative and cosmetic dental procedures. The family dental practice also offers general dentistry and is known for its commitment to outstanding patient care. The dentist, located in Jacksonville Beach, has been recognized by the Academy of General Dentistry with the presentation of the organization’s prestigious Fellow of American General Dentistry award. For more information on the dental practice’s recognition and to learn more about the practice and its treatment options, visit https://newswire.net/newsroom/pr/00093210-family-dentistry-jacksonville-fl-receives-award.html.

About Jacksonville Smile Center

Founded by Dr. Rafal Marmur, DDS, Jacksonville Smile Center is a family dentistry practice that offers a full range of services to its many patients in the Jacksonville Beach area of Florida. In addition to comprehensive general dentistry, the clinical practice, located on Beach Boulevard in Jacksonville, provides a broad selection of cosmetic dental procedures and dental restoration treatments. For over a decade, patients have relied on the award-winning clinic and its reputation for outstanding oral care.

Jacksonville Smile Center

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Source: http://newswire.net/newsroom/pr/00098605-jacksonville-smile-center-composite-resin-restorations.html

Ultimate Kitchen Releases a Set of Vacuum Sealer Bags

(Newswire.net — November 13, 2017) Coeur d’Alene, Idaho — Ultimate Kitchen is a kitchen accessories producing company with the rising level of popularity among online customers. Ultimate Kitchen appeared on the online market in 2014. Since that moment the company has received customers from all over the world. Their product line grows with every year. Customers provide Ultimate Kitchen products with highest ratings on Amazon.

Ultimate Kitchen recently launched a new product that joined the collection of vacuum storage accessories. This line of products is actively expanding. Ultimate Kitchen supports an idea of mindful food shopping and cooking. It is their way to fight the massive waste of expired foods. Their vacuum storage accessories help to keep foods fresh longer. This means that customers can shop less frequently and save time.

The new product presented by Ultimate Kitchen is set of 50 vacuum sealer bags, size 6″ x 10″. Ultimate Kitchen vacuum sealer bags fit all clamp vacuum sealers for food. The materials it is made of are BPA-free. These vacuum bags are created to be durable and safe to use.

Ashley R., an Amazon customer said, “These bags are nice and thick, awesome quality! They have held up very well in my freezer, both with solid foods like chicken, as well as with some liquid like beans. I like the texture in the bags, it feels like it helps get a better seal. They work perfectly with the vacuum sealer machine I purchased them for, and I appreciate that they come in a variety of sizes. Will definitely not hesitate to purchase more!”

These Ultimate Kitchen food storage bags keeps food not only fresh but also protected. The special multi-ply design is used in order to prevent freezer burn and protect food from bacteria and moisture. This vacuum sealer bag set would be a good choice for those who prefer healthy eating. The size of these bags is created for small portions of meals.

Ultimate Kitchen vacuum sealer bags fit for different types of food keeping. They do not leak. Customers can use them in the microwave and dishwasher. These bags are freezer safe and insect-resistant.

“Bought these bags for my Ultimate vacuum sealer. I purchased 3 sizes. This size, 6 X 10, is perfect for small portions of food. I like this size mainly for single pieces of meat and small amounts of leftovers. I like to save veggies and freeze so I can use them later for soups and stews”, said Ruth H. “These are also great for quick marinating. The marinade gets pulled into the meat with the vacuum sealer. You will save more than the cost of the bags with all the food that doesn’t need to be thrown out. No more wasting and throwing money down the drain. This order comes with 50 bags. So equate that to 50 items that won’t go bad. That’s money you can save.”

The new set of vacuum sealer bags is available on Amazon. Additional information is available on the manufacturer’s official website and on a product’s Amazon page.

About Ultimate Kitchen

Ultimate Kitchen branded products are a part of the Ultimate Home collection of high quality kitchen products ranging from sink soap dispensers, kitchen faucets, chef knives, and food vacuum sealers. Ultimate Kitchen products are available at Amazon.com and Walmart.com

Ultimate Kitchen

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