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Four best free VPN servers

(Newswire.net — January 5, 2018) –Getting the best VPN sever from the free VPN server list will allow you to protect your computer, data, as well as to maintain your privacy while browsing. Additionally, choosing the most trusted as well the reliable free VPN server would offer you the required protection and privacy while browsing. As there are countless free VPN servers out there, choosing the best one is really a challenging task. If you are seeking the best free VPN server to offer you the privacy and security you need, then this article is for you. This article includes a free VPN list of four best free VPN servers and their pros and cons. This will greatly allow you to narrow down your search for such VPN servers easily and effectively.


Windscribe is the latest entrant in the free VPN market, which provides its users many privacy options, including an advertisement blocker. However, users will have only limited servers.


  • Users can get a maximum data limit of 10GB per month when they register their email.
  • Offers better protection to users while browsing.
  • Users can access worldwide servers easily.
  • It comes with limitless devices.


  • Limited downloading speed.

Windscribe is most likely the only free VPN server, allowing P2P on each server.


Hide.me is one of the most reliable free VPN servers available on the VPN market. This is for the reason that it offers maximum connection speed as well as privacy to the users. The free account restrictions are more when compared to those of paid ones.


  • Easy to install.
  • consumer-friendly
  • Offers better safety while browsing.


  • Does not come with the OpenVPN protocol.
  • Users can get access only to three server locations
  • Comes with only one device.
  • Users can transfer only a maximum of 2 GB data.

If you need a free VPN server for your minor tasks, then Hide.me is the best option.


TunnelBear offers users an immense safety as well as secrecy while browsing. However, it does not come with many worldwide server locations when compared to other VPN servers available in the best free VPN server list. 


  • Comes with a consumer-friendly interface.
  • Easy to install.
  • Comes with the browser extension.
  • Works well with Netflix.


  • Offers users the monthly data of only 500 MB.
  • Does not have OpenVPN configurations.
  • Does not provide access to worldwide servers.
  • Does not compatible with P2P as well as with Torrent downloading services.

If you are seeking a consumer-friendly and easy-to-install free VPN server, then TunnelBear is your best bet.


ProtonVPN is a Switzerland-based free VPN server, which is new to the VPN market.  It provides users with a civilized level of safety besides offering a no-logs policy. However, it contains only limited features when compared to those of paid versions.


  • The free VPN server does not come with a data cap.
  • No logs.


  • It is a low momentum VPN server.
  • Users can access the server only in three countries.
  • Comes with only one device.

ProtonVPN is an appropriate free VPN server for those who have no need to download bypass censorship or BitTorrent.

Whatever free VPN server you choose, it is better to consider your browsing options, downloading speed, the capacity of the data, as well as the accessibility worldwide servers.

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How Your Makeup Could Be Downing Your Health

(Newswire.net — January 5, 2018) — It is a conundrum, aging makes us feel less attractive, so we use makeup to hide our imperfections. The problem? The very thing that we may be applying to our skin may be at the heart of our health, literally.

Not many people consider the things that they put on their skin with much scrutiny. After all, it is just put on the skin, how much damage can that do? Most of the things that we put into our bodies are absorbed through the skin, which is why it is a very important subject and one that should not be ignored.

Many of the beauty regimens that we take part in daily may be not only doing us harm, but it may also be speeding up the aging process. When you put makeup on your face, you are covering up the pores of the skin. That can lead to acne at best, deprivation of oxygen at the cellular level, at worst. In totality, using makeup daily, like foundation, can make your skin age much more quickly than going natural.

As consumers, we typically walk down the isle of the local grocery store and just assume that if it is on the shelves, it has been deemed safe. That is a misnomer that should be corrected. When it comes to cosmetics, products have come a long way to ensure safety, but there are still some hidden dangers in many of the beauty products being sold.

Beauty products are not always as healthy as you would believe, some of them can have some drawbacks to using, especially for the long-term. Side effects of cosmetics can range from herpes infections to mercury poisoning, and are not to be taken lightly.

We all want to be beautiful, but beauty should not come at a price to your health. These are the cosmetics we use and the consequences that can result. Make sure that you know the dangers before applying anything directly to your body.


Eyeliner has been around for decades. Although the way it is applied has changed from generation to generation, the new trend is something called the waterline”. It is when you apply it directly to the lid of the under eye. The problem with the application is that when you draw on the actual lid, you cut down on its original purpose which is to keep particles from the eye. That can lead to irritation and infection. If you are going to use an eyeliner, use it instead as a thin layer below the eye instead of directly on the inlet.


Mascara is supposed to extenuate the length and thickness of our eyelashes. With new natural enhancers, some women have opted to stop using it. If you are going to continue to apply mascara, make sure that you understand that it has an expiration date. Often, women don’t know that it is only good for three to six months. If you use it for more than that period, you may be introducing bacteria to the eye, which can result in irritation, or worst case scenario, an infection.

Nail polish

Not many could conceive that something as benign as nail polish could be as harmful as it is. Some polishes contain a triad of bad chemicals. Toluene and dibutyl phthalate are two chemicals that are linked to birth defects, and then there is formaldehyde, which is a known carcinogen. Once put on the nail bed, it can be absorbed into the body. If you are going to make your nails and toes pretty, check the ingredient list to ensure that the toxic trio is not present before applying it to your nails.


Phthalate is a chemical similar to dibutyl phthalate and can cause concern when used over time. It is commonly used as a chemical in body washes, shampoos and many of the soaps that are on the market. Banned in other countries due to suspicions of having an effect on the reproductive system over generations, it is smart to check your favorite products. If they do contain it, it may be a good idea to find one that is devoid of it. Although inconclusive, why take a chance.

Skin creams

It is hard to imagine that there are still some skin creams in the industry that contain mercury. Since skin creams are not under the jurisdiction of the FDA, many skin lighteners contain mercury, which is known to aid in fading dark spots. Not such a fair trade off, mercury for whiter skin, you may want to think about the potential dangers of applying mercury directly to your dark spots.

Beauty is not only skin-deep. In fact, using beauty products can go way deeper than just the skin. Before you apply anything, weigh the pros and cons to avoid the Winnipeg funeral home, and to ensure that you aren’t doing yourself a disservice by jeopardizing your health, your reproductive future, or even aging your skin more quickly than necessary. 

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2 Major Debt Consolidation Traps That Can Worsen Your Financial Situation

(Newswire.net — January 4, 2018) — Have you made up your mind to opt for debt consolidation? Well, you are lucky if you get your hands on a good service for debt consolidation but you need to watch out for the traps also. The mistake most people do is that they take a plunge into debt consolidation without gaining the necessary awareness. As a result, they end up at the loser’s end.

Traps to Know Before You Decide to Consolidate Your Debt

Going for a Payment Plan That Extends for Years Together

Now, most people feel very relieved when they decide to consolidate their debt. What most companies do is that they promise the fact that you will have to pay a low monthly payment. The truth is that this is a bait.

 You get quite pleased with the thought that you have to pay less, but the real trick is that these companies extend your payment period. At times you end up paying this monthly payment for years together,and yes you have to bear up with the fees that you pay to the company.

 The result is that you pay more than you owe. This is why it is important that you should review the payment plan before hiring a service for consolidating your debt. This way you will have a clear idea what is coming your way.

The False Debt Free Claims Made by Unreliable Debt Consolidation Services

Some of the debt settlement programs also want to benefit from your ignorance. They claim that they will negotiate one huge amount with the creditors. As a result, you will be debt free after 120 days.

The reality is quite different. The service holds your money in their own pocket till your creditor decides to charge off. The charge-off means that the creditor feels the debt is uncollectable,so they contact a collection agency for assistance.

 In some cases, the debt case may turn into an ugly legal case. What happens in this scenario is that eventually, the creditors are even willing to accept a very low amount. However, your credit score is ruined by that time.

This is why it is important you should seek the assistance of a debt consolidation service that has a vision and is willing to go the extra mile to help you in settling your debt.They should follow the transparency rule and should be willing to reveal the strategy they will use to settle your debt.

 Ideally, you should look for a debt consolidation firm that has been in the business for quite some time. This way you will be sure of the fact that the service has stood the test of the time and will be able to help you by all means.

The best approach is that you should go through the reviews of the company. The reviews will give you a clear idea about the opinion of the clientele and whether you should confide in this firm or not.

Source: http://newswire.net/newsroom/blog-post/00099318-2-major-debt-consolidation-traps-that-can-worsen-your-financial-situation.html

Getting $15,500 Personal Loans for Poor Credit and Managing Debt

(Newswire.net — January 4, 2018) — The majority of us think that having a bad credit score means we’ve little or no chance of acquiring a special loan. Loan companies, all things considered, don’t like financing to risky debtors. However, with the development of online as well as subprime loan companies, large lending options have grown to be achievable. Therefore, a $15,500 personal loans for bad credit and debt settlement is reasonably possible.

Getting fast loan authorization will be good. However, loan companies will most likely not rush to evaluate credit score backgrounds when a large amount of money is being needed. On the other hand, getting personal loan acceptance to clear bad debts is a lot more likely because of the objective. The one thing for appliers to bother with is meeting the essential requirements.

However, to help with your application, it’s worth improving facets of the application form, like increasing the credit rating to lower rates of interest and including a co-signer to get rid of the risk.

How to meet the criteria

What are the standard requirements that need to be met? Trying to get a $15,500 personal bank loan for below-average credit can easily be difficult but getting qualified is quite simple. You will find just four primary qualifications to be concerned about, which aren’t any big surprise to those who have ever searched for a borrowing arrangement in the past.

The first qualifying situation would be that the applicant is aged 20 or older. The next is they are a US resident and have an enduring post degree residency visa. And lastly, is that these people must be in full-time profitable work.

It’s extremely hard to get loan acceptance to pay off financial obligations if these circumstances are not satisfied first. But when they are, other facts are reviewed, such as earnings and debt-to-income percentages.

Think about Credit Rating Improvement

There’s no magic formula for the benefits of obtaining a $15,500 personal loan for poor credit management or even to clear bad debts which are triggering financial problems. The extra funds can clear current financial obligations, and as are all paid back, the credit rating of the applicant goes up. Consequently, supplemental income is liberated up to allow finances to go elsewhere every month.

Find a Cosigner

Improving your credit rating may be beneficial, but finding a cosigner greatly increases the likelihood of acquiring a $15,500 personal bank loan for poor credit. Cosigners ensure that your repayments will be made, whether or not the debtor is not able to make them. In this way, the part of theriskis slowly removed from the loan package.

Additionally, it implies that rates of interest are lowered,so the loan gets to be more cost-effective. And with absolutely nothing to be worried about, loan companies are only too pleased to offer loan acceptance, to pay off financial obligations or any other cause.

The only situation would be that the cosigner has a superb personal credit record, a proper debt-to-income percentage,and dependable earnings which is also big enough to handle personal bank loan repayments.

Source: http://newswire.net/newsroom/blog-post/00099317-getting-15-500-personal-loans-for-poor-credit-and-managing-debt.html

Best Portable Chargers for $10 or Less

(Newswire.net — January 4, 2018) — Let’s get some perspective: cell phones have only been around for about a decade. But what a powerful impact the technology has had on our everyday lives. 

But check out these statistics from Inquirer.net:

  • There are 349.9 million smartphone users in the U.S. currently.
  • People touch their cell phones an average of 2,617 times every day.
  • By 2020 there will be 5.7 billion mobile phone users.
  • By 2020, three-quarters of the world’s population will own a cell phone.
  • The mobile ecosystem employees 28.5 million people and that’s expected to increase to 30.9 million in 2020.
  • 5G connectivity will be the standard by 2020, which will allow subscribers to download an HD movie in less than one second.

This obsession with cell phones requires power to fuel our usage. But because we’re constantly on the go and sometimes don’t have access to a traditional outlet, the industry invented the portable charger.

Portable chargers ensure that the cell phone user will never run out of a charge at an inconvenient time. They also work well on tablets and can be conveniently thrown into a backpack or a purse to travel anywhere. Portable chargers are perfect for users that:

  • Are constantly on-the-go.
  • Typically drain devices throughout the day.
  • Like to go camping or hiking.
  • Appreciate having a backup for emergencies.

Portable chargers are the size of a lipstick tube or a small wallet. They’re designed to fit in a jeans pocket. They all have different housings that make them shiny or colorful but most weigh less than an ounce. 

Portable chargers can charge a device in about 20 minutes, then it will take around four to six hours to recharge the unit. The speed of charging a digital device is a big benefit, along with the versatility; these chargers work across multiple devices — from an LG tablet to a Samsung phone.

Before selecting a charger, think about how the charger will be used. For most applications, a charger that costs $10 or less will work well. We’ve pulled together a list of the best portable charges for $10 or less.

FYE, which stands for “For Your Entertainment,” has a network of retails stores. FYE started in 1993 and then acquired Camelot, Coconuts, Record Town, and Strawberries retail sites to build the brand. These stores are typically found in retail malls, however, their online presence has expanded considerably and they do a robust e-commerce business. Before shopping make sure to check out this site for a promo code to make the shopping excursion more economical.

Right now, visitors to the FYE site can pick up the Universal Power Stick for around $5. It works with cell phones, tablets, and e-readers. It’s also about the size of a Bic lighter, making it exceptionally easy to stick in the front pocket of a pair of jeans. This stick comes in a variety of fun colors, from red and pink to blue and white. 

Amazon has the Anker PowerCore+ mini Portable Charger for $15.99. But use this promo code to take another $30 off the next order placed on the site. This will definitely help lower the cost of the Anker, which is rated as one of the best portable chargers on the market today.

The Anker can an entire charge to a Galaxy S6 and add up to six hours of talk time on an iPhone. It comes with an 18-month warranty, which is the good news. The only bad news is that it just has a single USB port.

 Amazon also has the 8000 mAh Power Bank Portable Charger from iXCC.  Unlike the cigar-shaped chargers, this is a flat square similar in size to a cell phone. The portable charger charges the following devices: 

  • iPhone 7                      
  • iPhone 5
  • 7 Plus             
  •  iPadPro
  • iPhone 6 Air
  • 6s Plus                        
  • Samsung Galaxy S7
  • iPhone SE                   
  • S7 Edge
  • Note                
  • LG
  • Google Nexus And more

This device offers a 2-year warranty and it has a built-in device to prevent it from overcharging devices.

The Aibocn Power Bank also has high marks from consumers. It’s listed for $9.99 on Amazon and has many of the same features of other devices. One benefit is that the Aibocn has two ports for quick charging two devices simultaneously. It also has a backup flashlight built right into the unit.

Amazon is one of the best sites for consumer choice for these units. They also offer the Bonai Power Bank Stripe for $9.99 and the AGS Mini 2600mAh Lipstick-Sized Premium Aluminum Power Bank for $8.99.

Consumers can also snag the Koral Luma 3000 Portable Charger for $6.29. Each of these units has high reviews from consumers for a reasonable price. The biggest variable in features is the flashlight add-on and the ability to charge either one or two devices simultaneously.

Best Buy has the PNY PowerPack Portable Charger for $7.99.




The power pack also has a LED light which can serve as a flashlight in emergencies. It currently has 5 stars on the site. 




Or, for $8.99 there’s the Digipower – Re-Fuel Portable Lithium-Ion Charger.  The charger has 144 reviews on the site and a 4 out of 5 stars rating.


There’s also the Dynex 2000 mAh Portable Charger in a glowing neon. With more than 11,000 reviews, this charger still has almost 5 stars. 93% of the customers that purchased the charger would recommend buying it. For just $7.99 this makes for a low cost and great buy. Customers can pick it up in multiple colors — pink, green, purple, or grey. At this price pick up one for every day of the week. 


Stay On — All the Time with a Portable Charger

Portable chargers are a must-have accessory for any cell phone or tablet. These devices make it convenient to stay connected 24/7 no matter where the world takes us. Because these devices are easy to carry and simple to use, portable chargers are even great for kids so they can always stay in touch with parents. Finally, these devices are relatively low-cost yet reliable enough to use every day. 

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How Could AI Alleviate Major Traffic Problems

(Newswire.net — January 4, 2018) — It’s no secret that our current systems for dealing with traffic aren’t perfect. Despite our constantly increasing knowledge and ongoing commitment to safety, traffic deaths are actually increasing. There are more drivers on the road, more interconnected places to get to, and as a result, more traffic accidents to deal with. So what’s the solution?

Some scientists and engineers believe the secret could be turning to artificial intelligence (AI) to solve some of the problems for us.

Analysis and Optimization

Researchers from the Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC), the University of Texas Center for Transportation Research and the City of Austin are working together on a new system of tools that allow for the in-depth analysis of traffic patterns. Relying on deep learning algorithms, which allow a system to self-improve over time by exposing itself to more data sets or more events, the team is set to unveil their newest tool at the IEEE International Conference on Big Data.

The tool is designed to capture data from raw footage gathered by traffic cameras throughout the city, recognizing the shapes of things like cars, trucks, bikes, and even pedestrians, and create data based on how those objects move and interact with one another. Once categorized, the machine can work with a searchable database, and analyze these patterns to draw significant conclusions.

For example, after collecting data for a period of weeks to months, the system may be able to zoom in on each accident within that period, analyze the sequence of events that led to that accident, and point to a definitive root cause or series of root causes. Usually, it’s clear to investigators that a car has hit the brakes too early, or failed to follow a traffic sign, but this algorithm can detect even more subtle underlying causes, such as improperly managed congestion or a consistent lack of visibility.

With more tools like this available, it will be easier for cities to review and make changes like:

  • Adding safety features to dangerous areas. If there’s an area with a high rate of accidents, additional signage, buffer zones, and lighting could help to make it safer.
  • Redrawing or readdressing intersections. Problematic intersections can be revised with different traffic light patterns and better design for traffic flow.
  • Developing new roads or improving old ones. AI systems could recommend key changes, such as adding a lane or restructuring the shape of a road to minimize the chances of a collision.

It’s even easier when the tools are making suggestions themselves.

Autonomous Vehicles

AI is also emerging as a key feature of autonomous vehicles, capable of driving by themselves, without any human intervention. Though skeptics argue that the elimination of a human driver could introduce even more road vulnerabilities, the evidence points to the contrary; in the first 1.8 million miles of Google/Waymo’s self-driving car project, there were only 13 minor fender-benders, and all of them were the fault of another driver. The AI tech responsible for directing these vehicles has only gotten better in that time.

Considering the fact that more than 90 percent of car accidents are caused by human error, the addition of non-human machines, with more consistent reasoning and controls and faster reaction times, would almost undoubtedly make the streets safer. The trick is to adopt full vehicular autonomy; partial features, such as automatic parallel parking or “cruise” options for highway driving could lull human drivers into a false sense of security, driving the accident rates up.

If self-driving cars become more popular, roaming cities like cheaper, more popularly available taxis, it could also seriously eliminate congestion on the roads. Fewer people would own cars, more people would carpool, and there would be fewer cars on the road at any given time. This decongestion would make all driving faster and more convenient—and safer, too.

AI has a long way to go before it solves all our traffic woes, but it’s already making strides in two important directions: traffic analysis and self-driving vehicles. The more we understand about the roads we drive on and the better equipped our vehicles are, the safer we’re all going to be.

Source: http://newswire.net/newsroom/blog-post/00099309-how-could-ai-alleviate-major-traffic-problems.html

Where the Online Marketplace Was and Where it Got Us Now

(Newswire.net — January 4, 2018) —  E-commerce has come a long way since 1979, when Michael Aldrich invented online shopping as a means to process online transactions between businesses and consumers. The Boston Computer Exchange, an online marketplace for selling used computers, was launched in 1982, making it among the first e-commerce platforms.

1990s to 2000s

The browsing of e-commerce platforms simplified significantly after 1990, with the launch of the WorldWideWeb, the world’s first internet browser. Easy access to the internet gave many e-commerce services the ability to reach out to a global audience. Services such as eBay and Amazon remain among the most notable e-commerce websites that entered the online marketplace during this period. By 1995, the entire online marketplace was valued at around $130 million.

Where We Stand Today

By 2015, when just about every brick-and-mortar establishment worth its salt had an online presence, and with some businesses limiting their operations to the online world, the global e-commerce market was valued at around $1.55 trillion.

While the online shopping phenomena started in the United States, China now stakes claim to the largest online economy – it stood at over $560 billion in 2015. The U.S. is second in line, with online trade of around $350 billion during the same year. The UK follows at the distant third, although the country’s high quality products are often sought after by residents of countries the world over.

The Evolving Payments Ecosystem

During the early days of online shopping, there were no merchant service providers, merchant accounts, or online card processing mechanisms.  The first point-of-sale terminal and magnetic stripe embedded cards made their way to the market in 1979, and merchant account service providers entered the realm soon after.

Now, online merchants have scores of payment options from which to choose, even if they deal with international customers. Specialist money transfer companies such as TransferWise and its competitors provide free receiving accounts in multiple currencies, giving online sellers easy means to receive payments like locals.

Special Days

Cyber Monday 2017 turned out to be the biggest online sale the U.S. has ever witnessed, raking up more than $6.5 billion. The term Cyber Monday was coined in 2005, and online sales on this day of the year have grown since. In China, 11 November is celebrated as Singles Day. Originally a day when people celebrated being single, it has now become among the biggest online shopping days in the world.

The Future

Given the fact that a significant number of consumers are turning online in order to avoid serpentine queues and long traffic jams, an increase in the number of special shopping days seems inadvertent. Consumers can expect more businesses to start rolling out loyalty or reward programs with the aim of customer-retention.

Technological advances made way for device-focused marketing in the recent past. Now, online businesses are gradually shifting to people-based marketing that relies on user intent and behavior. Speed remains a crucial factor when consumers turn online to review or purchase products and services, with slow deliveries no longer being acceptable. Online retailers, as a result will need to focus on efficiency and timeliness.


The online marketplace will continue growing, and consumers will have no particular reason to complain. Businesses that hope to make the most of the online world, though, will need to keep evolving or risk being left out of the race.

Source: http://newswire.net/newsroom/blog-post/00099298-where-the-online-marketplace-was-and-where-it-got-us-now.html

The Top 3 Reasons to Choose Bitcoin as Your Next Investment

(Newswire.net — January 4, 2018) — There is a lot of craze on cryptocurrency at the moment. As such, one needs to be aware of the kind of risks or advantages that they will get when they invest in cryptocurrency. There are many types of cryptocurrency that people can invest in these days. You may already have heard about the Bitcoins. What are some of the reasons that make many people want to invest in this kind of a cryptocurrency? In this article, we shall discuss some of the many reasons one should choose the Bitcoin as their next investment.

You can get some more info on cryptohead.io. You can also read about the various types of cryptocurrency investments that you can make through the many websites that offer such information.

Here are the top 3 reasons you can choose Bitcoin as your next investment:

1.    The Bitcoin has multiple applications

One of the reasons more people want to invest in the bitcoin is that it can be used for many reasons. Apart from being used as a digital currency, the bitcoin can be used as a means of proving ownership. The Blockchain technology also depends on cryptocurrency such as the bitcoin for its operations. With the Bitcoin, you can now trade in securities and land titles among other properties. There are people who also get their insurance claims paid in bitcoins. It is also true that many of the people who raise money online through the crowdfunding process are able to use the Bitcoin for this purpose.

All the above types of transactions mean that the bitcoins will be used for the payment of transactions and other types of fees. As such, we can comfortably say that the bitcoin is useful for many transactions that take place online.

2.    The bitcoin has more potential gains than losses

The fact that more people are getting interested in the bitcoin means that there are more potential gains than losses you will get in the bitcoin. The reason being that with the bitcoin, more people are buying this cryptocurrency and using it online. With this in mind, the value of the bitcoin is likely to improve on a daily basis.

It is envisaged that more and more people will likely adopt then bitcoin as a global currency. As such, more and more transactions will be done online through this cryptocurrency. We can, therefore, make a comparison of the use of the bitcoin with the US dollar. The value of the bitcoin can only improve, potentially enriching the people who have already chosen the bitcoin as an investment.

3.    Declining inflation and scarcity

Another common reason you may be interested in buying then bitcoin is that it will always improve in value due to the fact that there are just but a few of these coins that can be created. With the coins that can be created capped at 21 million, it means that soon the number created will reach the maximum number of coins. This will make the bitcoin a scarce commodity, meaning that its value will definitely increase.

With this in mind, you should be buying the bitcoin as an investment that can have a deflationary effect in the future, hence making you more money in capital gains of sorts.

Source: http://newswire.net/newsroom/blog-post/00099295-the-top-3-reasons-to-choose-bitcoin-as-your-next-investment.html

Why You Should Play Online Games Often

(Newswire.net — January 3, 2018) — Even though there are thousands of people who play online games today, studies also show that there are other thousands that do not play online games, some of whom view these games as a pastime of the lonely, friendless and those seeking to quench a guilty pleasure.

Those who think playing online games is for the friendless or a complete waste of time can be forgiven partly by how game developers market their games. Taking, for instance, popular games like Zuma or Candy Crush are said to be great time killers while the likes of World of Warcraft are premised on killing enemies. However, the marketing strategies are just monolith created by game developers that are slowly changing and breaking down.

Research has proved that we should play online games more often whether live online casino games or video games.

Culturally prescient

Believe it or not, playing games influences how you see the world. When you become fond of a game, you subconsciously start to record and keep track of everything about the game whether it’s the structure, design principles or culture of the game. Several of the prominent media personalities today sharpened their skills playing online games. The directors of the movie hits, Mr. Robot and Westworld borrowed some of the movies’ conventions and game designs from online games.

Encourage social skills

As we have alluded to before, there are those who do not play video games saying they are a preserve of the lonely and friendless, on the contrary, this is not true as today’s games encourage engagement between and among players. Most if not all games developed nowadays have the option of engagement, thus online games are more about cooperation and sociability than anything else.

Help you express your inner desires

We all have those moments when we feel that the world is conspiring against us, in days gone by some would pen down songs, play a musical instrument or maybe sulk behind closed doors. However, with the advent of online games, during those dark, dull moments, an hour or two playing your favorite game might just lighten you up giving you a reason to smile for the rest of the day.

Make your brain flexible

Playing a game is more like a workout for your brain. Games require significant amounts of strategy and memory to play. The more you play a game and master it, the more your brain becomes flexible helping you think strategically. 

Source: http://newswire.net/newsroom/blog-post/00099294-why-you-should-play-online-games-often.html

8 Things That Will Make Travelling by Private Jet More Enjoyable

(Newswire.net — January 3, 2018) — Private jets are no longer the exclusive domain of billionaires and the super-rich. Many companies now own private jets to help transport their key employees across the country. Others choose to lease or rent private jets whenever one is necessary. It is the ultimate way of flying; a pleasant flight is guaranteed, and you will get to your destination faster.

Travelling by private jet gives you a lot of flexibility, but there are certain things you can do to make the whole experience more enjoyable. We are going to take a look at eight of those things in this article.

Notify the Crew

One of the benefits of travelling by private jet is that you no longer have to follow a certain schedule set by the airline. You can depart at virtually anytime and you can better organize your trips. Many companies provide their top employees use of private jets for this very reason; executives can be more effective in the field when they don’t have to worry about catching the next flight.

Although the departure time is yours to set, it is a good idea to notify the crew as you make your way to the airport, regardless of whether you are early, on time, or late. Keeping the crew updated with your status allows the captain of the flight to make the necessary preparations, such as contacting the Air Traffic Control and preparing for take-off.

Convey Your Requests

Another great advantage of travelling by private jet is the many amenities you get to enjoy along the way. This is especially true when you use private jet rental service. You are paying a premium for the extra flexibility and luxury, so nothing should stop you from making the most out of the experience.

The best way to enjoy a great time is by conveying your requests before the actual flight. Do you want certain things prepared for the flight? Do you have preferences that you want the jet charter company to follow? Every detail of the flight is yours to configure.

Some private jet charter flights even include in-flight entertainment at a completely different level. You can have a masseuse taking care of your body while you enjoy a truly relaxing flight. This is why if you are looking for a specific service, researching company websites will be very useful when finding what you want. For example, the Paramount Business Jets website provides a list of concierge services such as catering and sky parties, as well as making clear their policies on travelling with pet.

You Can Have Everything

There is a simple rule that you must understand when flying on charter flights: everything on the airplane is yours to use. The bottles of champagne in the cabinet or drinks in the refrigerator are indeed yours to open. Simply help yourself to everything and have the best experience.

These items are already paid for, either by the company or by yourself as the client. Not having the best in-flight experience will be such a waste. Besides, there is no rule against having a bit of fun in between business meetings and packed days, is there?

As mentioned earlier, you have the option to customize the experience to your liking. Contact the concierge service before your flight if you want certain items prepared for the flight. Don’t forget to prepare things for your guests too.

Ask for the Aircraft to Remain on the Ground

Having busy days packed with meetings is challenging as it is. The last thing you want is having to wait a few hours for your flight to the next destination. Fortunately, the best private jet charter companies are more than happy to keep the aircraft grounded if you have an upcoming flight scheduled with them.

Instead of booking individual flights, try to string together a series of flights to different destinations, especially trips that are only one or two days apart. You don’t have to worry about the time separating each trip; let the jet charter company do the scheduling for you.

When the aircraft is available on the ground, you have the extra flexibility of leaving early when you have to. There is no need to wait for the private jet to pick you up or get ready for the flight. Simply notify the crew and you are good to go.

Stick to Safety Rules

Just because you are flying on a private jet, it doesn’t mean you can throw safety regulations out the window. In-flight safety is still a primary concern and there are a number of safety rules that you have to understand for a better private flight experience.

For starters, try to sit on the right side of the aircraft first unless the captain instructs you otherwise. Make sure you know where the safety gear is stored so that you can react instinctively in case of an emergency.

Avoid talking to the captain during take-off and landing. You want to wait for the aircraft to reach its cruising altitude before chatting to your captain or the first officer. Besides, you are required to stay in your seat until the optimum cruising altitude is reached.

Be Nice to the Crew

Being nice to the crew will get you the best private flight experience every time. The crew and pilots are there to serve you – and to deliver the best experience possible – and they can do their job better when you truly appreciate what they do. Be polite, ask questions, and convey requests in a nice way.

Tipping is another thing you can try. Tipping is not required in this industry – and you may be banned from doing it when flying with certain private jet companies – but it is a good gesture that shows appreciation. The crew will also appreciate the gesture and will continue to serve you to the best of their ability.

Avoid acting rude, particularly to the steward and stewardess. It’s a private flight, but that doesn’t mean you are allowed to act rudely and recklessly. Be courteous from the time you make the travel arrangement to touch down.

Ask to Land at the Closest Airport

My personal secret whenever I fly on a private jet is choosing an airport that is the closest to my destination. There are more than 5,000 airports across the country; sometimes, opting for a smaller but closer airport is the way to go.

The same can be said for when you travel internationally. While international airports have better access and amenities, you must not rule out smaller, regional airports that may be closer to your actual destination. You save a lot of precious hours and can be more efficient with your time.

There is another advantage of opting for the closest airport, and that is the lack of air traffic. ATC can give your captain the clearance to land much sooner. When landing at an international airport, you may have to wait in line before the plane is cleared to land.

Ask for Tips on the Destination City

Ideally, you want a car standing by at the airport, ready to pick you up as soon as you land. You want that car to take you to a great local restaurant for a quick bite before you head to your – or the client’s – office for a meeting. Details like these can greatly alter your travel experience.

That brings us back to the concierge service offered by many private jet hire companies. Their services don’t stop when you land; in many cases, you can arrange airport pickup and get tips on the destination city directly from the concierge. Combined with the previous tips we discussed in this article, the ultimate flying experience is yours to enjoy.

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