Playster is a Promising Home Entertainment Provider

Playster hopes to change the world of home entertainment providers by offering several new features.

( — August 9, 2016) — Nowadays, you can easily gain access to home entertainment with the use of your own smartphone or computer and a streaming service. One example of such a service is Playster, which hopes to change the world of home entertainment providers by offering several new additions over its competitors. Here are some of the features that make Playster the next big thing:

Convenient Freebies        

If you register for their 12-month membership, Playster will also give you what they call a “Combo Box”. It contains an Android tablet with Playster access, as well as headphones. To get to know the device fully, you can read this Playster tablet review.

It also includes accessories like an adapter for charging and a USB cable to transfer files to computers, home entertainment systems or even a smart TV. Moreover, it gives you the freedom to share your favorite content and playlists with friends on platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Unlimited Content Access

With the help of Playster, you will be able to gain access to a variety of content, including:

  • E-Books – You can read and download as many e-books as you like and indulge your craving for something that stirs your imagination. From kid’s books to the best romance stories — you will be able to find tons of titles that are worth a read.
  • Audiobooks – If you prefer audiobooks over e-books, you can also listen to and download as many as you like every month. No restrictions.
  • Music – If you love making playlists or if you just want to download a song you’ve been searching for, Playster lets you access thousands of songs from around the world. You can browse by genre, artist, album or mood.
  • Games – If you want to spend some idle time playing games or keep your kids occupied by letting them play, Playster has a lot of addictive and classic games for the whole family to try.
  • Movies – You can enjoy a lot of movies, especially documentaries, upon getting Playster. The movies are well sorted into genres to give you an organized way to browse and discover.

Multiple Account Creation

If you prefer to personalize your content, Playster offers multiple account features within every membership. You can set up a profile with movies for your kids and another one with content for you and make sure your preferences and playlists never get mixed up. You can create up to three accounts in a single membership or sign up for a family plan and get access to even more features and freedom.