Dynamic Diet Review

The Dynamic Diet is a relatively new diet-for-life, that claims to be a complete weight loss system.

Dynamic Diet

(Newswire.net — October 21, 2016) –>The Dynamic Diet is a moderately calorie restricted diet focuses on a nutritionally balanced eating plan based on latest scientific research. The diet comes with a comprehensive manual that educates dieters about unhealthy foods that contribute to weight gain and how to replace them with healthy food choices.

Non-starchy vegetables and quality protein from lean meat is the mainstay of the diet, but no major food group is completely eliminated. While sugars and refined grains are shunned, healthy fats and healthy whole grains are given due importance.  There’s no calorie counting involved, but following the recommended meal plans ensures a moderate calorie deficit that promotes weight loss.

How the Dynamic Diet Works

The Dynamic Diet is an open-ended, diet-for-life. It is divided into 3 distinct phases. The first two phases focus on weight reduction and achievement of the dieter’s weight goal, and the third and final phase on maintenance of that weight for life.

Phase 1: Called ‘Ignite,’ this initial phase is a calorie-restricted phase that aims for rapid weight loss. This is on the premise that taking the pounds off quickly is the best way to lose weight, rather than gradual weight loss that gives time for the body to fight against the attempt. The weight loss is achieved by igniting the metabolism with a high-protein diet and a weight loss supplement. The latter is a combination of amino acids that help build muscles and natural ingredients such as African mango extract that reduce fat absorption and promote fat loss.

Most of the weight loss is achieved during this phase, but it is obviously the most difficult, given the fact that all kinds of sugary foods and drinks and artificial sugar substitutes have to be eliminated during this phase. Stevia is the only sweetener allowed. There’s some restriction on the type of vegetables and fruits to be consumed at this stage, but you’re free to have as much salad greens as you would like. These inclusions are sufficient to provide essential vitamins and minerals and avoid constipation. Healthy fats in limited amounts are also part of this phase, so you don’t feel severely deprived.

Phase 2: This phase is called ‘Dominate.’ More types of foods are included in this stage, but a corresponding increase in activity level and exercises should help continue the weight loss process, but at a lower rate than in the previous phase. You have the option of continuing the weight loss supplement, but it’s not entirely necessary once you learn to eat healthy.

Phase 3: This is the maintenance stage that stretches on throughout your life. By this time, you would have learnt how to take control of your diet and your nutrition for optimum health and weight maintenance. While you’re expected to follow the healthy eating habits all through the week, you get to have moderate indulgences during weekends. This helps keep the monotony and frustration out of your life.

One downside of the diet is that you’re expected to prepare your meals from basic ingredients, which can be difficult for busy people who normally depend on packed meals. Dynamic Diet does not have any pre-packed meals, shakes or powders, nor does it endorse any such products. Many healthy recipes are provided, and they help you to add variety to your meals while sticking to the important dietary guidelines of the diet.  The diet manual also provides many tips on handling stress, eating disorders, food cravings, and bad dietary habits, which help dieters make necessary lifestyle changes.

Is exercise involved?

The Dynamic Diet is basically a nutrition plan, but it stresses on increasing physical activity. Dieters are advised to avoid all forms of strenuous exercise during the first phase where calorie restriction is applied. This is a good thing because physical injuries can occur if overweight and obese dieters start exercising before they shed some pounds. They’re expected to start with gentle forms of exercise like yoga and Tai Chi and then progress on to aerobics and resistance training once they take off excess weight.

Nutritional profile

The Dynamic Diet includes all three macronutrients––protein, fat, and carbohydrates––but in a unique proportion that aids weight loss. Vegetables and fruit are also included in the diet, as well as some probiotic foods in the later in the diet, so it can be regarded as a balanced diet.

The Cost Factor

The Dynamic Diet comes with a one-time cost, which includes the diet manual, weight loss supplement and life time support. The actual cost can vary depending on the weight loss goals of individual dieters, but starts from less than $100 for the lowest plan, which is sufficient for people who have only 20 pounds or less to lose. If you have more than 40 pounds to lose, it might be cost effective to choose their highest plan straightaway; it comes with an additional B-complex supplement as well.

Many dieters feel this cost is not justified since they don’t get many diet products as they usually get with some other diet plans. However, the Dynamic Slim drops are concentrated nutrition as well as excellent weight loss aid. The diet manual is also a storehouse of useful information and tips on diet. Although it doesn’t contain any magic bullet, it brings you solid facts based on research findings, along with a clearly outlined plan for weight loss success.

Since you’re expected to take control of your nutrition by preparing your meals from healthy whole foods, rather than eating much cheaper processed and prepackaged foods, you need to factor in the cost of food as well. Well, all put together, this diet is not exactly cheap, but it’s probably money well spent.  

Do Dieters Lose Weight on the Dynamic Diet?

Dieters who strictly follow the diet lose a large bulk of their weight in the first phase and then continue to experience moderate weight loss in the second phase.

Level of Effort

The Dynamic Diet is not as effortless as it claims; it does take moderate effort from the dieter, especially when it comes to avoiding processed foods and sugar. However, it does not call for vigorous workouts or severe calorie restriction, so dieters who have tried extreme diets before find it relatively easy to follow. Preparing meals from basic ingredients is the greatest challenge for many dieters, but people do get better at it soon enough.


The Dynamic Diet has the potential to help dieters lose weight at a rapid pace, but it does take some effort and commitment on their part, especially when it comes to preparing healthy meals. The diet supplements offer some support, but deliberate attempt has been made to wean dieters off them and empower them to take their nutrition into their own hands. This is one thing that sets this diet apart from others that go all out to promote diet products and packaged meals. If you’re looking for a short cut to weight loss, this diet does not offer any, but it appears to be a sustainable plan for long-term weight management. 

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