Best Portable Chargers for $10 or Less

The obsession with cell phones requires power to fuel usage. Because we’re constantly on the go and sometimes don’t have access to a traditional outlet, the industry invented the portable charger.

Best Portable Chargers

( — January 4, 2018) — Let’s get some perspective: cell phones have only been around for about a decade. But what a powerful impact the technology has had on our everyday lives. 

But check out these statistics from

  • There are 349.9 million smartphone users in the U.S. currently.
  • People touch their cell phones an average of 2,617 times every day.
  • By 2020 there will be 5.7 billion mobile phone users.
  • By 2020, three-quarters of the world’s population will own a cell phone.
  • The mobile ecosystem employees 28.5 million people and that’s expected to increase to 30.9 million in 2020.
  • 5G connectivity will be the standard by 2020, which will allow subscribers to download an HD movie in less than one second.

This obsession with cell phones requires power to fuel our usage. But because we’re constantly on the go and sometimes don’t have access to a traditional outlet, the industry invented the portable charger.

Portable chargers ensure that the cell phone user will never run out of a charge at an inconvenient time. They also work well on tablets and can be conveniently thrown into a backpack or a purse to travel anywhere. Portable chargers are perfect for users that:

  • Are constantly on-the-go.
  • Typically drain devices throughout the day.
  • Like to go camping or hiking.
  • Appreciate having a backup for emergencies.

Portable chargers are the size of a lipstick tube or a small wallet. They’re designed to fit in a jeans pocket. They all have different housings that make them shiny or colorful but most weigh less than an ounce. 

Portable chargers can charge a device in about 20 minutes, then it will take around four to six hours to recharge the unit. The speed of charging a digital device is a big benefit, along with the versatility; these chargers work across multiple devices — from an LG tablet to a Samsung phone.

Before selecting a charger, think about how the charger will be used. For most applications, a charger that costs $10 or less will work well. We’ve pulled together a list of the best portable charges for $10 or less.

FYE, which stands for “For Your Entertainment,” has a network of retails stores. FYE started in 1993 and then acquired Camelot, Coconuts, Record Town, and Strawberries retail sites to build the brand. These stores are typically found in retail malls, however, their online presence has expanded considerably and they do a robust e-commerce business. Before shopping make sure to check out this site for a promo code to make the shopping excursion more economical.

Right now, visitors to the FYE site can pick up the Universal Power Stick for around $5. It works with cell phones, tablets, and e-readers. It’s also about the size of a Bic lighter, making it exceptionally easy to stick in the front pocket of a pair of jeans. This stick comes in a variety of fun colors, from red and pink to blue and white. 

Amazon has the Anker PowerCore+ mini Portable Charger for $15.99. But use this promo code to take another $30 off the next order placed on the site. This will definitely help lower the cost of the Anker, which is rated as one of the best portable chargers on the market today.

The Anker can an entire charge to a Galaxy S6 and add up to six hours of talk time on an iPhone. It comes with an 18-month warranty, which is the good news. The only bad news is that it just has a single USB port.

 Amazon also has the 8000 mAh Power Bank Portable Charger from iXCC.  Unlike the cigar-shaped chargers, this is a flat square similar in size to a cell phone. The portable charger charges the following devices: 

  • iPhone 7                      
  • iPhone 5
  • 7 Plus             
  •  iPadPro
  • iPhone 6 Air
  • 6s Plus                        
  • Samsung Galaxy S7
  • iPhone SE                   
  • S7 Edge
  • Note                
  • LG
  • Google Nexus And more

This device offers a 2-year warranty and it has a built-in device to prevent it from overcharging devices.

The Aibocn Power Bank also has high marks from consumers. It’s listed for $9.99 on Amazon and has many of the same features of other devices. One benefit is that the Aibocn has two ports for quick charging two devices simultaneously. It also has a backup flashlight built right into the unit.

Amazon is one of the best sites for consumer choice for these units. They also offer the Bonai Power Bank Stripe for $9.99 and the AGS Mini 2600mAh Lipstick-Sized Premium Aluminum Power Bank for $8.99.

Consumers can also snag the Koral Luma 3000 Portable Charger for $6.29. Each of these units has high reviews from consumers for a reasonable price. The biggest variable in features is the flashlight add-on and the ability to charge either one or two devices simultaneously.

Best Buy has the PNY PowerPack Portable Charger for $7.99.




The power pack also has a LED light which can serve as a flashlight in emergencies. It currently has 5 stars on the site. 




Or, for $8.99 there’s the Digipower – Re-Fuel Portable Lithium-Ion Charger.  The charger has 144 reviews on the site and a 4 out of 5 stars rating.


There’s also the Dynex 2000 mAh Portable Charger in a glowing neon. With more than 11,000 reviews, this charger still has almost 5 stars. 93% of the customers that purchased the charger would recommend buying it. For just $7.99 this makes for a low cost and great buy. Customers can pick it up in multiple colors — pink, green, purple, or grey. At this price pick up one for every day of the week. 


Stay On — All the Time with a Portable Charger

Portable chargers are a must-have accessory for any cell phone or tablet. These devices make it convenient to stay connected 24/7 no matter where the world takes us. Because these devices are easy to carry and simple to use, portable chargers are even great for kids so they can always stay in touch with parents. Finally, these devices are relatively low-cost yet reliable enough to use every day.