Our Mission

Introducing: “The American Dreamers” Movement

Who are the American Dreamers? In one sentence, they are Americans in every aspect except for one. They’ve been raised and become adults in the US, speak fluent English, are overwhelmingly high school graduates with a sizable number in college, and should you bump into one in the average US city, are indistinguishable from the sea of humanity that surrounds you.  What are they missing? Legal status.

Simply put, these young people are here illegally because their parents brought them here from another country without meeting the legal requirements to establish legal residency. Call them “illegal aliens”, “undocumented workers”; call them what you wish, but they’re here; look, walk, talk and act like us and HAD NO CHOICE in the question of their legal status. Our goals are lofty-namely, gain legal status for those formerly known as “Undocumented Immigrants” (or “Illegal Aliens”, if you prefer) by creating a community of patriotic, law-abiding and service-oriented Americans.

The American Dreamers strategy is to redefine how America at large perceives this cohort:

  • Language-Ensure/train all American Dreamers to speak English proficiently.
  • Education-Ensure/train all American Dreamers to have a college-undergraduate level of American history & all things Americana.
  • Acculturation-Ensure/train all American Dreamers to internalize and embrace American culture.
  • Service-Ensure that all recognized American Dreamers will have a documentd track record of community and when allowed, national service.
  • Advocacy-American Dreamers will never be fist pumping militants, but they will be strong leaders in their churches, their workplaces & businesses, in their communities and in their families. They will know how to communicate, collaborate and get things done.

An American Dreamer will be someone who speaks English well, knows American History, is dedicated to service and embraces American Culture. Our culture has been flavored by every ethnic group that has entered America, but the American Spirit remains unchanged. American History has shown that there’s no conflict between being proud of one’s national origin and being a patriot.

American Dreamers is a not-for-profit, 501-c Corporation.