Time for Action

time for action

There comes a time when one must take measure of the quality of their character. On April 28th, Drudgereport showcased the following headline: “Protests rage outside Trump rally in Orange County; 17 arrested, police car smashed”. It’s easy to succumb to base passions in situations when people feel unable to express their disagreements unless it be with needless violence. I’m no “flower power” hippie. I believe that violent confrontation is both justified and necessary when faced with evil, but evil as many may make Trump to be, waving Mexican flags from light poles that have been scaled by athletic youth and tipping police cars over only proves one thing in the eyes of the American public: illegals are dangerous. It matters not one iota if most of the rabble-rousers were white, college kids. To the average American, this is the fulfillment of their worst fears of being overrun by savages from the 3rd world.

It is IMPERATIVE that those of us who are the sons & daughters of immigrants redefine who we are to the media.

Who we are

  • We are strong: We endure fear and uncertainty every day of our existence.
  • We are law-abiding: We treasure order and safety.
  • We are committed to ideals: We’re not afraid to stand and even fight to uphold them.
  • We see beyond our own lives: We understand the investment made by our parents to get us to where we are now.
  • We look for leadership in our leaders: We do not suffer fools lightly.
  • We seek no handouts or special privileges: If our parents brought us here illegally, they must do the right thing, pay fees and penalties, fill out the proper paperwork and get in line behind those who’ve followed the rules.

We ask for only one thing: the opportunity to show the rest of America that we too, are Americans. We’ve been raised in America, we’ve gone to school here, we identify with all things American. This is the only country we know and love. We are committed to being the greatest generation. We just need a clear path to the American Dream.

As the founder of American Dreamers, I am asking millions to stiffen their resolve, to rethink their priorities, to set aside their comforts and to subject themselves to ridicule, taunts and even violence and yet, to not respond with an eye for an eye or a tooth for tooth. Understand, however, that I’m not advocating the non-violent approach by my Idols Mahatma Ghandi or Martin Luther King. There are times when one must defend themselves, but flipping police cars, breaking windows and committing other acts of vandalism to further a cause or protest something or someone will NEVER be the trademark of American Dreamers. Quite the opposite.

I’m asking this generation to be easily identified by their modest deportment and dress. I’m asking this generation to surround those who would damage property and subdue them by any means necessary. I’m asking this generation to march 100 miles and rely on the kindness of complete strangers for food, shelter and drink. I’m asking this generation to speak English well, to carry books, to study, to patronize places of worship and when called upon, to drop everything to converge in the largest numbers possible and present an irresistible, well-dressed and well-mannered mass of humanity to their fellow countrymen and to the world. Those in our organization who try to usurp our agenda and inadvertently portray us as unworthy of citizenship will be dealt with swiftly and harshly. Differences of opinion are guaranteed to all by the First Amendment, excuses for mayhem are not. This is not a concealed warning of violence to dissenters; it is a promise that those who see our revolution as an excuse to commit unlawful acts will not only be unwelcome in our ranks, but will be dealt with internally. American Dreamers will never be associated with violence and we will never initiate violence, but our steely resolve in the face of resistance will be our hallmark.

We will never resist police actions and will obey all local laws, ordinances and orders from civil authorities. If arrested, we will not resist, but if a march is called and we’re unlawfully blocked, we will not stop. If called to counter protest, we will use our sheer numbers to make a statement and when we leave, not a scrap of paper will be left behind.

American Dreamers will be millions strong with one voice and one demand: We are a nation of immigrants and the next wave is here to take their rightful place.

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Henry G Roman
Founder, American Dreamers