America is not a place.

It is a desire, a goal, the land of dreams, where millions have found peace and prosperity. More »

The American Dream is alive and well

And contrary to belief, not limited or diluted. It can be seen full-strength every day. More »

Many have been drawn to the land of opportunity

Some have died in their attempts. Too many have decided to take their chances and risk it all by arriving illegally; many with children in tow. More »

American Dreamers is NOT advocating Amnesty!

As a matter of fact, we believe that those who came here illegally should NEVER be given a shortcut to legal status and should get in the back of the line; behind those who have played by the rules. More »

Their kids are a different story

The children of undocumented immigrants are Americans in every way possible. Most grew up here and this is only country they know. American Dreamers intends to help them become 100% Red, White and Blue. More »


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